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Need vibes!! pleaseeeee

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Hi hi! Well, I've been keeping this to myself because I'm afraid that if I get my hopes up it wont work out but I really need some good luck vibes right about now...

As you all know, I've been living with my aunt and uncle for the last 8 months and I've been saving money to get an apartment... The plans with my mother fell thru in December and since then Adrian and I have been planning to get an apartment together but a better opportunity has just presented itself... My aunt's sister-in-law has an apartment in Manhattan that she's willing to rent to me for $400 a month... It's a studio on 87th and York Avenue.. and for anyone who knows Manhattan, you know that $400 is a STEAL, even for a studio which goes for $1400, to start, in that area...

Adrian and I have discussed it and he's actually pushing me to take the apartment because he knows that it's a great opportunity for me... the rent is unbelievable, it's an amazing location and I'll be able to get more accomplished being in the city than I have been being out here... I'm just scared that something's going to go wrong because every time I get my hopes up about something it seems to fall apart... so please send some good luck vibes my way...

Thanx everyone
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Ooh really super good luck. i hope you get it!
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Vibes (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
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Good Luck, Good Luck, and more Good Luck!

I really hope everything works out for you!
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Wow that is a great offer-I hope it works out for you!!!
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Wow, that is a good deal for an apartment, you are very lucky!! I really hope all goes well - this really is a great opportunity. My thoughts will be with you, please do tell us how everything goes.

Many good luck vibes & a prayer coming your way, right now!

{{{{{{{{{{Good Luck! }}}}}}}}}}}
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thats a STEAL! I envy you. I loved NYC when I was there VIBES coming your way!
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Thats awesome!!! Good luck!
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Thank you all for the vibes... I'll know more tonight after I speak to my aunt and her sister-in-law... It's not a definate but there's no reason it shouldnt work out... so I'm still crossing my fingers... iunno... I'm just nervous... I'm afraid to get excited like I did with my mother and then have something go wrong... huff...
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I hope all the good vibes resulted in good luck for you with the apartment . The area around 87th and York Ave is nice and quiet, but with lots of little shops and restaurants, too. And the 6 train is fairly closeby (86th & Lex), too. If you're in the area now, check out Calling All Pets -- it's a store on 84th and York -- very friendly neighborhood pet store with 2 resident cats usually there everyday.
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Best of luck Liza!!, I have a good feeling that things will work out well for you!
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wow .... sending vibes
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Hi everyone... I've been so busy with work lately that I havent been able to get online... I've been living here for the last 3 weeks and so far everything is going very well with the apartment and living in the city is amazing... I'm actually on 82nd between 1st and York... the apartment is really TINY but it's perfect for me... unfortunately I wasnt able to bring Malakai here because it's really too small... but he's still living in New Jersey with my best friends mom and from what she says he's very happy there... I'm almost afraid to take him home with me... but when Adrian and I get a bigger apartment we'll see how things go...

Speaking of whom... Adrian has been staying with me as well and things seem to be progressing between us... we've gotten a lot closer... although I never thought that was possible... he's just been much more affectionate since I've been home... I dont know if it's because he missed me when I was gone... or maybe he's realized over the last several months how good I am to him... whatever the reason may be it's nice to be appreciated...

Especially since I'm totally unappreciated at work... the worse part of this move has been the transfer from one store to another... the store that I'm working in now is so unorganized and the people are so incompetent.. I thought my other store was bad... but this place is so much worse... it's unbelievable... I'm the most competant person there yet I'm totally overlooked... I really miss my old manager... he recognized my ability and was willing to help me as much as possible... and worst of all, they're trying to cut my pay rate... which I'm going to fight as hard as I can because it's bad enough that I hate this place but there's no way I'm gonna stay there and deal with the bull**** if I have to do it at less pay than I started my other store with...
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OK that really sucks, but it's great you managed to get the apartment. Let's face it - you don't ahve to stay in the job forever. If you want to find smething else, go for it. Wwhatever happens, REALLY BIG good luck vibes sweetie.
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