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my 3 boy cats keep urinating all over my house..

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Please help.. I don't know why, but my cats keep urinating all over the house.. they're very picky with their 2 litter boxes being clean, but they've been spotless.. now they're urinating everywhere.. anywhere you can think of..

how do i prevent this and stop them.. they're ruining alot of my items in my house..

please help!

(ps they're neutered, and their ages range from 3-11 years old)
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First, you want to rule out any health problems so get them to a vet for a check-up. As far as the cause, well that could be a LOT of things.

Have you always had 3 males? If not who was there first?
What age were they nuetered?
Are there any females in heat around?
What kind of food are they eating?
Are they peeing in the same spots over and over?

Like I said, aside from a medical problem there could be a lot of contributing factors. Your vet could probably help you sort it out

Good Luck
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Inappropriate urination is almost always due to urinary tract infections or blockages. Therefore, it is important that you take the cats to the vet to be checked specifically for urinary tract problems. The vet will take a urine sample and will then look for signs of infection or crystals. (For some reason, people are always hesitant to take their cats in to be checked for this, but when they finally break down and take their cat to the vet, they almost always find that the cat has an infection.)

Stress can cause urinary tract infections, so if they are stressed over something, it might be wise to remove these stressors.

Also, two litter boxes are nto enough. Try adding one or two more boxes -- placing them in a different location than the current boxes.

Finally, if the vet finds no signs of infection or illness, please read through the thread at the top of this forum for ideas on stopping inappropriate urination.
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I agree check out the vet first & add at least one more box. If their health is fine, have you changed anything in the house recently. Also, what type of litter are you using? Cats hate scented litter. Another question would be what type of litter box. My cats love their covered boxes, but a lot of cats do not like them. I would suggest a litter called Cat Attract. It's formulated by a vet to encourage cats to use the litter box.
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they keep peeing in the same spots but also new ones..(ie; bathroom towels, the wall near my computer, the bathtub, and other spots that are new, my pillow! bags placed on floor.)

so they're spraying.. and it stinks!

maybe i should change their litter boxes, get them new ones..
and clean them as much as possible.

i took the cats in to the vet recently and everything was fine.
and he tested for UTI's.
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Are they peeing or spraying? If the urine is one foot or higher above the floor they are spraying, if they are squatting and peeing, they are likely ill
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If the vet clears them as being healthy, add a litter box, get some clumping litter, and scoop once to 2 times a day. Some cats will absolutely not use a box if it is remotely dirty. Get a powder to freshen up the littler box too after you scoop it. If they are going in mainly a few different places, put something with a strong citrus smell in those places. Sometimes after I scoop my cats' box I will put both of them in it myself to remind them, and they usually go on ther spot in the clean litter.
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You said they were recently at the vet, how recently? UTI and other urinary problems can develop quickly.

If they are just spraying try feliway. It should calm them down,and hopefully they will stop. If you type in a search on this site for spraying, I am sure you will find a lot of suggestions and tips for stopping it. I hope you get to the bottom of ot soon, keep us posted.

Welcome to TCS by the way, please post pics of your babies if you can. I would love to see the guys
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Another tip is that generally you are to have one more litterbox than the number of cats. So if you have 4 cats, you should have 5 litterboxes. Maybe they are just in a territorial fight over using the boxes, and adding more litterboxes can help.

Good luck! And welcome to TCS!
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Have you seen all three spraying? Caught them in the act? I ask because we had been assuming we had two males spraying, when in fact, it was only one of them.
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My 2 adult males will pee on ANYTHING that is on the floor.....clothes, towels, bags, paper, etc. As long as I keep everything picked up, they use their box.

My himilayan recently got mad at me for not putting enough litter in her box. When my husband and I got into bed she jumped in between us and started digging at the bedding. I was reading and not paing much atention as she always "digs a hole" before getting comfortable and lying down. This time she wasn't getting comfortable though. She peed dead center in the middle of our bed at 11:30 at night. Needless to say DH wasn't to pleased. I spent the next hour or so cleaning the mattress and bedding. Thank goodness for cat urine odor remover!
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this is the youngest. he likes to pee the most.

this one .. the biggest, that needs to get shaved because his fur is so natted and too much of it!! brush and brushing and cutting the knots just dont work anymore!!
this was after a bath..

he is alot bigger in size now and alot furrier!

and the oldest.. he has hyperthyroid
i dont have pix .. will post shortly!
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