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It was GailC. She went to school for Nutrition.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
It was GailC. She went to school for Nutrition.

Yes!!!!! Thank you!!!
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Originally Posted by DRIVEN
Do you guys realize this thread is 2 months old and I still haven't tried anything?
lol! What have you been living off?

I'm gonna try some of these out as soon as our kitchens refurbuished and we can all cook again.
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Jason you better get to cooking for Tara!!!!
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Seriously, this week, go buy a book called "A Guy's Gotta Eat".

I am certain that by the time you have that book for a week, you will be cooking. I'm a Mom of 4 and have been cooking average meals for years, and it really helped me. He gives you reasons to save money, get healthy, impress the girls...and then shows you all the steps. From buying things to storing them and cooking.

Whatever you cook will impress a girl, but be sure to clean up afterwards! That will make her fall in love!
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Originally Posted by Beckiboo

Whatever you cook will impress a girl, but be sure to clean up afterwards! That will make her fall in love!
Waaaaaaaay good advice!
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Well the way it is now, Tara cooks and I clean up after we eat.
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Surprise her and cook AND clean up after!!
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Here's one thing you can try.

My fiance' and I have a Super Target near us (means the sell groceries) and they carry Archer Farms prepared food. Essentially it's various cuts of meat that just need to be cooked. We like the asparagus chicken, salmon rolls, pollo asado (mexican style chicken) and a few others. It's probably not the absolute most healthy thing you could ever eat, but there's no prep time! You get home, stick it in the oven and 20-30 min. later you have food!

I would guess most grocery stores would have something similar.

I also recommend frozen veggies, they take only 5ish min. to make.

And fish. Fish cooks really quickly and is good for you!

If my fiance' knew I was posting cooking advice he would laugh at me! He's the cook in the family. All I can really do is make pancakes!

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I wont give you recipes ... but here a re some basic items that you can almost throw together in an combo and get some good and reasonably good for you....


hambuger ( i keep 4 lbs in one lb packages)

chn breasts or theighs


frozen veggies ( get any group ya like)


salsa ( in the summer I make my own it is very easy)

pasta ( preferabley whole grain)

rice ( I keep five kinds on hand )

diced tomatoes( yes I buy organic canned )

various spices

coooking items

crock pot( my mom is great with one me not so)

rice cooker ( makes rice veggies and eggs)


toater oven / broiler( so you dont have to use the oven for just You )
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I lived with my ex in our own little house so i know how to cook, infact i still cook alot now since i moved back with my parents as i like different foods..

One thing you have to remember when youre cooking meat is to let the fryingpan GET HOT before you add oil! Leave it on the stove for 5 mins then add oil and then the meat, this way the oil wont fizzle everywhere. and the meat will cook quicker and turn out delicious!

Cook a few minutes each side, if its very thick meat (such as roast or 5 cm thick steaks) once its browned both sides put in the oven for a further 10 - 15 minutes! (if putting in oven please do not use plastic handles on frying pan)

Most people add a little water to the frying pan to cook their meat I DO NOT ADVISE THIS, as it ruins the taste.

Its really fun experiementing food.
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Hey...I am trying to cook healthy too, so I am in the same boat. Here are my faves:

Tomato & Spinach Steamed Chicken
I let a pan heat with some light olive oil in the bottom, then pan cook a thawed chicken breast in it till it's completely done. I pour out most of the oil after it has cooked then place it back on the burner. Then I take a handful of baby spinach leaves (you can buy this in a single bunch in the produce section for a dollar), and about 6-8 or so little grape or cherry tomatoes, and pile them on top of the chicken breast. Put the heat on low, season it, and cover it to let the spinach steam and the little tomatoes get to where theyre nearly bursting. Put on a plate, add some lemon juice if you like, and Voila! A high fiber very low-cal meal. You can eat some whole grain brown rice with it if you need something else.

I also do the same thing with single serving pieces of salmon, cooked the very same way. Yum!

Lettuce Wraps
For an on the go yummy low carb thing, I eat lettuce wraps. I buy the big romaine lettuce leaves, sliced turkey from the deli (actual turkey, not lunch meat), and dijon mustard. You just put the turkey and mustard in the lettuce leaf, and roll it up. It's really good, and nearly calorie free, quick and easy. I eat maybe some baked lays with it, and I'm good to go! I have a friend who uses these lettuce leaves pretty much in place of bread completely. Her family eats taco stuff in them instead of shells or tortillas, and they'll put scrambled eggs and spinach in them too for breakfast or lunch sometimes.

Good Cookin!
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If you want to pm/email me please do so.
If you want to understand why things cook the way they do-Cook's Illustrated magazine. They take apart a recipe and try to make it better. I have soo many issues. Or if you don't want to buy cookbooks but don't want to web surf-go to local library and check out some cookbooks and magazines too!!
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I love my Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. It has everything you could ever need and then some. My husband and I pull it out just to look at the pictures and charts. It’s great. I also have downloaded about 150 cookbooks and recipes on line. PM me and I will zip file them for you (this goes for everyone). I have everything from Asian to Zimbabwe cookbooks, literally. A really easy recipe that will impress every one is my stuffed mushrooms. They take about 30 min start to finish. We invented the recipe after reading how to make them in the Better Homes and Garden book. I should say we improved the recipe.

Stuffed Mushrooms

1 pound fresh white mushrooms - destemed
1/2 the mushroom stems - minced
1/2 Medium onion - minced
3 green onions - minced
3-5 gloves of garlic - minced
1/2 pound cream cheese
bread crumbs
swiss cheese - sliced to fit the tops of mushrooms
Olive Oil - enough to coat the bottom of pan
white wine - about 1/4 cup

hot paprika
sweet paprika
white pepper
black pepper
lemon pepper
onion powder
garlic powder
kosher salt
lemon juice
worcestershire sauce

Preheat a frying pan over medium heat, add olive oil. Once hot add the powder spices, cook for 1 Minute. Add onions and garlic, sauté till slightly soft, add the chopped mushroom stems, cook 1 minute. Add lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, and white wine. Let simmer, reduce liquid by half. Stir in enough breadcrumbs to soak up remaining liquid. Remove from heat, put into a bowl with cream cheese and mix until fully blended. Stuff the mushrooms with mixture and cover with swiss cheese. Cook in the oven at 425, 15- 20 minutes or until the cheese is brown.

When done, remove from the oven place on paper towel to drain excess liquid than transfer to a plate, serve with a nice white wine.

An amazing and easy side dish that will blow anyone’s mind and make you look really talented is pan-fried asparagus.

Pan Fried Asparagus

1/4 cup butter
2 tablespoons olive oil
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
3 cloves garlic - minced
1 pound Asparagus - cut the bottom 1/2 off the stems

sweet paprika
white pepper
lemon pepper

Melt butter in skillet over medium heat. Stir in olive oil, spices and garlic. Cook for 1 minute, no longer (DO NOT BROWN!). Add asparagus; cook for exactly 10 minutes, no longer, turning constantly to avoid burning. Remove from heat and place on plate. Pour the remaining liquid and brown garlic piece of as a sauce. Serve and enjoy.

Both of these recipes are supper easy and will make you look like a star.
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Hey, I'll be taking those recipes, thank you very much!
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For the recipes, just send me an email address and I will get them to you in the next 24 hours. There are a ton so I will need to zip file them in order to send them.
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I just copied them from you have more?
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I have 193 MB, 509 files in 10 folders worth. what do you want?

They are all either .pdf or .doc

Let me know and I will email them ALL to you.
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Oh my, I have no idea what any of that means!
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Well, its a lot. It would require multiple emails just to get them to you. I have it all. I have all kinds. I found things like the secrete recipies from Mconalds. Vegitarian, vegan, meat, asian, italian, indian, african, candy, BBQ, curry, chinese, drinks, sauces, soups, casserols, crockpot, fish, game,etc, ect.......even 500 bread recipies.
you name it I probably have it.
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Holy crow, well if there are any more recipe threads that come up (and I know there will be) I'll look for your posts!
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Best cookbooks - Fannie Farmer (very good details on baking, every single vegetable explained, all meats, ); Betty Crocker - food we grew up with; Colorado Cache Cookbook (really good, but probably hard to find if you're not in the Rocky Mountain area).

For vegetarians - have you checked out Laurel's Kitchen?

I'm trying to get more fiber. Here's a great recipe for beef barley soup!

1 pound stew meat, browned, with 1 - 2 cloves minced garlic

put in big pot with
1/2 package of frozen stew veggies (I get them at King Soopers, and it's awesome - has potatoes, onions, carrots, carrots, celery, etc.)
5 - 6 cans of beef broth (I use swanson's low sodium beef, if I can get it)
1/2 - 3/4 cup barley
season w/ pepper, etc.
It needs to be cooked for at least 50 - 60 minutes as this is how long the barley needs to cook.

I've been on a real kick with this soup. I've been making it every week.
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driven there is a cookbook for the goerge forman grill cause ive got 1 and i also like usein my preassure cooker as well
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Okay, so I found out from my computer geek husband that the amount of recepies I have will WAY excede all email accounts(198 MB). What I will do is upload them to a filesharing program and post the link here. I will only be alouwed 20 downloads total. I will make sure that the people who PM me will get first crack at them. I will wait 24 hours and than post the link. Those who PM me will have 24 hours to go download it and get it. Once the link is dead I will start a recipe of the day thread and start posting a new one every day. So either PM me to get prefred treatment or wait and copy and paste daily. Sorry to be a b*&$ch but that is how it has to be.
Sory for the mispellings but I have had a bit to drink and well I am kind of loose.
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