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Tail chasing

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This isn't really a problem as such, but more of a question to see if this is "normal" cat behaviour.

Merlin (who is 10 months old) doesn't seem to realise that his tail actually "belongs" to him, and has periods where he will chase it round and round for up to half an hour at a time, making high pitched mews. When he eventually catches up with it he will bite it (quite hard), meow in pain that he's bitten it, then will proceed to run around in frantic circles trying to chase it again. When he stops for breath he will glare at his tail, twitching the tip frantically making cross noises then start all over again.

My wife and I are just crying with laughter when he does it, but I'm concerned that there might be something "wrong" with this behaviour. I know he's not a "little kitten" where this behaviour might be normal, but he just goes completely mental when he does it (which is pretty much every day and not necessarily during his "mad-time"

Does anyone else have a cat who does this?
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My cat odes this to. it is quite funny to watch. i think it is normal and i think your kitty is fine. I am eager to see how many other cats do this too! So enjoy the entertainment! i dont know if and when they ever stop!!
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Sophie does it and she crackes me up everytime I recorded a few seconds of her doing it before cristmas on the video on my phone, and at the end she sort of does a break dance because she spins around on her rear until Rosie startles her and makes her jump

I'm laughing just thinking of her doing it
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One of my cats does this too, it's so funny. She doesn't seem to bite her tail, but she manages to grab it with her paws, and she glares at it while it twitches.
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PJ used to chase her tail all the time. She only does it once in a great while, now... and she's 11!!
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