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Moving soon-how can i help my cat adjust?

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hello, we have a 5 mo old , who is very sweet, but we are going to be moving soon, and there is stuff all over the house already, and i can tell that he dosnt like that things are all messed up. Is there a way that i can help him adjust to us moving, especially when we get to the new apt? Thanks.
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I think it depends on the cat. For Miya, it was a surprisingly easy adjustment--in that I mean, there were no accidents involving bodily wastes and she was eating fine. On the other hand, since she wasn't used to all the people, she made it a point to have three hiding places that she knew would make her mommy a little irritated. Eventually, I just stopped trying to get her from hiding under the beds and just left her there until she wanted to come out. I also kept all her toys from our old apartment so she could have something that could remind her a bit of the old place.

For a long time, gettings things in order in the new place took some time and Miya didn't like that too much, but she decided to take it in stride and mess up her toys, too.
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We just moved, too. The thing that seemed to help Puppy the most was having a towel from his old home. He actually wasn't attached to it in the old home; it was just on a chair, and it wasn't even his favorite sleeping spot. Now he sleeps on it all the time, presumably because it was one of the few items in the new home with his scent on it.

We also gave him toys a month before moving (he didn't have any before) and then brought his favorite toys with us.
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First get everything moved into the new place (keep your baby in the bathroom with a box and water while the movers are in and out - and a "No entry" sign on the door). Then set up his box at the new place where he will find it easily and put down his toys and bedding. Make very sure all doors and windows are shut tight when he comes in, and the smells from all your things and his own will make him feel secure... to a cat, the 4 walls are pretty similar unless there are old animal smells in the new place for him to fuss over.
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