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cat peeing on bed

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Hi, just wondering if anyone has any advice on my cat, he is 9 yrs old and neutered, but lately i have noticed he has been peeing on the bed. I saw him wash himself then do it, but l also think it happens at night could even be when he's asleep? We have other cats so at first i thought it maybe territorial (although he loves his sisters). Does anyone have any experience of this? He pees a small to medium amount.
Any ideas let me know.

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Has he been to the vet lately? He should be checked out to see of he has any underlying medical condition that would cause this.
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My cat is 7 and every now and then she pisses on mine and b.f's bed, but thats only when the other 2 cats in the house have beatten her up and she's upset.
I usally leave the window open when I go out and at night, now so she doesn't do it.
I would say he has a bladder control problem. It's common in elderly/seiour cats. I wouldn't know what to do coz I've never had a cat with that problem yet.
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thanks for replying. i have made an appointment at the vet to have a health check. I wonder how can they check it? will they need a sample or something. it does sound like maybe he could bladder prob. poor thing smelt a bit of pee todayl, otherwise he does look fit and healthy.

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Ideally, the vet will check it by taking a sample of urine directly from his bladder with a needle, or they'll express his bladder (they squeeze on it in a certain way, but don't ever try that at home!) for a urine sample.

Before you wash your bedding, use an enzyme cleaner from the pet store on it to be sure to remove any urine odor, or he may be tempted to go there again. You'll also need to use the enzyme cleaner to treat the mattress too, and you might also want to get a waterproof mattress pad to protect your mattress until you're sure he's feeling 100% better and using the litterbox regularly again. You can also put a tarp on your bed when you're not in it, to protect your bedding.
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thanks, I will get some of that enzyme stuff. I have also bought a duvet protector and I think I will put an extra cover on just for when we are out. I'm glad they can get the urine sample so easily. I had visions of me chasing him around the garden for a sample!
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Hi, I took my cat to the vets and he had to stay overnight so they could monitor him in the litter tray. Apparantly he only done very tiny amount of urine. They took blood test and urine test which all have come back clear with no problems. Then they took an xray, this showed he had a very enlarged bladder and there was no obstruction. It seems he just can't seem to squueze the urine out with his muscles so it means his bladder is not functioning properly. They emptied his bladder for him, and said he might go back to normal/might not, so I have to take him back in 48 hours to re-check his bladder. Vet said usually it effects the nerves on the spine but he could not see any damage. If he can not empty himself he might be tried with pills, but these do not always work with all cats so otherwise outlook would be grim in that his nerve system would be effected if the pills do not affect it.

Does anyone have nay knowledge of such a problem, i think it's sometimes called bladded atone.

Any advice much appreciated. I only wish I could help him somehow.

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I don’t think I know anything about this condition, but I’m thinking of you and sending healing vibes to your kitty. I know he’s got you real worried right now. I hope his bladder goes back to normal on its own, or that the pills at least work. There was one time one of my cats was having a bladder problem (and might have been something similar), then the other came down with a viral infection at the same time. Both were in the “hospital†for 2-3 nights. It made me crazy!!! Luckily, both recovered, though the one with the bladder problem had to have the special food from then on.

Again, I will be thinking of you and hope everything goes well for your kitty.
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thanks very much ginny and your kind words. It is worrying and I can help but think of bad outcomes! I have to try to think positive. It's difficult as I don't know if he is going to the toilet as the morning and evening are both dark when he goes out. he seems very happy in himself though, probably glad to be home. I'm glad yours are okay. I will see what happens tomorrow at the vets. Fingers crossed!
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