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Brody is at the vet for the day

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This morning was the morning I had to leave Brody at the vet for the day for his first dose of Heartworm meds. He will then be on Heartguard for 6 months to weaken the worms, then in June will go in and spend 3 days with the vet for the final treatment.
It was so hard bringing him in this morning knowing I had to leave him
Brody normally wears a harness when he goes out because with the shape of his head and neck he easily slips out of a collar. This morning I put his collar on him for the vet, I thought it would be less stressful for him because he hates the harness and gets upset when wearing it. BIG MISTAKE! As soon as we were walking in there was a woman walking out. Brody wanted to socialize with her and so he walked her way (opposite of me) and slipped out of his collar. He made a run for the busy road in front of the vets office. I was terrified. I was so scared he was going to be hit by a car. I kept calling him but he was trying to play and wanted me to chase him. I was finally able to get him to stop by saying in a firm tone "Brody Stay" and pointing at him. He rolled over on his back and stuck his legs in the air I picked him up and cuddled with him, I was so upset. There were 2 vet techs and the lady from the front desk outside trying to get him as well. I bet they think I am a terrible mommy for not having his harness on
Poor Brody, he looked so sad when I left him. I can't wait to pick him back up this afternoon.
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They didn't think your a bad Mommy!!! They think Brody is a stinker!!
I'm sorry he gave you such a scare!! That is always my worst fear is if they breakaway and run. Kisses is so good on all commands but the very important one IMO which is STAY!

Give Brody lots a love this afternoon!!
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Tanya, you're a GOOD dog mommy because he did listen to you! Eventually, he listened anyway.

Good luck to Brody at the vets for his first treatment. He just doesn't know how good he's going to feel once those nasty worms are taken care of.
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Tanya with a small piece of parachute cord you can tie the harness so it fits snugly (depending on how it is made). We had to do that with our cat's harness, because she would slip out of it so easily. Secured it there under her leg so it wouldn't slip over her head.
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Brody and I have worked hard on the listening thing. I was so proud of my boy for listening when he did Now that I think about it, he may not have listened in the beginning because I didn't point when I said "Brody Stay". At home I always point towards the ground in his direction when I say it. I think that might have made the difference.

I am going to call him soon to check in. I can't go to class this afternoon without making sure he is doing ok.
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