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On my bed

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My cats love to sleep on our bed (not sure about yours) and my mom worries about us breathing in all the cat furs.

I joked to my her, "I'll take the hairball remedy "

Ginger: Pansy; Tri-color: Tracy; And Macy is shy from the camera






Other photos: http://www.fotop.net/edwardtsang/MyCat?page=14
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beautiful photos!
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Gorgeous photos! Gorgeous cats! They were a joy to look at!
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What beautifully taken photographs, they look very professional.
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Oh my goodness their all so gorgeous!!
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These pictures are taken very well! And your cats are beautiful
Thanks for sharing!
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What beautiful babies you have!! Loved looking............you take very good pictures.
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Lovely pictures of beautiful kitties!
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--------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------

Those pictures look so incredibly professional - you are a proffesional photographer, aren't you?? Your cats are soooo beautiful, I just love those pictures of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks everyone for the compliments and glad to hear you've been enjoying the photos :P

I'm not a professional, just love taking photos of cats
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