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Food Allergies and Napolean

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Well I thought I would give everyone an update on Napolean's allergy issues. I also thought I could offer some food advice for anyone coming on here with the same frustration that I have!

Firstly, here's some background on my cat:




So I think I found out part of my cat's problem. He's allergic to the dogs. Not specifically the dogs, but I was thinking about this the other day. The dogs eat their food, and a number of treats and other things. What do they do? They go off and play with the cat, chewing on his face and licking him and giving him flea bites. Napolean grooms himself, therefore getting dog saliva that has the dog food, etc in it. He ingests the saliva, poof allergic reaction.

He's been on Evanger's Game Meats for about 2 weeks. I started him on Pheasant, as of late I've been mixing it up and he's been eating buffalo and rabbit. His ears have cleared up fully [first time neither of his ears were gunked/scratched up] he still itches his face, but not to the extent the hair isn't growing or he's getting scabs.

Being on an all meat diet he poops ALOT less than he used to, and it's solid. Whereas on the z/d it was diarrhea and it smelt HORRIBLE! I do supplement him with Taurine and then an all purpose supplement [felo-form] one crushed pill twice a day. I have also since two days ago started giving him lysine as an immune system booster which can be helpful for cats with allergies.

If he starts having an issue with this diet we will definitley be going RAW. That's the last step, and the most costly. I think however, given the fact there's such a variety, I should be able to rotate the food and he should be fine. I also have my name on a waiting list for a holistic vet to take a peek at him. I don't know that there is anything specific they can offer me, but I think it might be worth a shot. They'll probably get a good laugh when I tell them, of all things my cat is even allergic to peas.

Although he still itches, which is what he did on the z/d I feel better knowing that I like this diet's ingredients compared to the z/d. I feel more confident he is getting more nutrition than he would being on the z/d. He's actually getting a REAL protein source, not some rice or anything like that, no nasty preservatives, and he really likes it. So, so far we're doing good!
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As the owner/companion of another Napoleon, I wish you luck with sorting out his diet problems. Mine had very smelly diarrhea for some months, but we traced it to an internal parasite infection which hopefully seems cleared now. Hope it all goes well!
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Mine had very smelly diarrhea for some months, but we traced it to an internal parasite infection which hopefully seems cleared now.
I wish that could have been the cause of Napoleans! Unfortunatley, the z/d is so broken down... I think that's why it causes this. All of the people who I know that have animals on z/d their pets have diarrhea as well. It's hydrolized... so it's majorly hypo allergenic, and I think because it's so broken down there's really nothing to... cling I guess LOL.

Thanks for the well thoughts and for sharing
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Has he been allergy tested???

My vet explained that it is often a micro nutrient that is the culprit or the way a micro and a macro mix together.... I did raw for allergies and kidneys .... I will tell you it is way cheaper than a dollar something a can( though I found they like the Evangers which the macreal and pheasent are complete no sup needed...
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Yes he has been allergy tested [see links to posts]. Nothing was conclusive.

He can't eat the pheasant because it has too many ingredients in it, the Macaral also has chicken broth.

He's allergic so far to peas, the thing I know for sure. So far he's reacted to:

Science Diet Kitten Food, IVD Duck & Pea, IVD Venison & Pea, Addiction's Unagi & Seaweed.

RAW diet is not cheaper than buying canned food here. It would cost me more monthly to feed it to him than just buying the cans of food.
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Allergies are SUCH a hard thing to deal with, but you seem to be doing a great job! I hope this works out for you and Napoleon!

It's odd that it costs more to feed raw than canned for you! When I figured it out, it actually costs me less than HALF as much to feed the prepared raw than I was paying for all canned food... If you do go to raw, would you be preparing your own or using a prepared-mix?
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I would probably buy prepared, mostly because we don't have alot of butcher's or organic stores around here. We have a Trader Joe's that is about an hour away.

All of the stuff I have looked at in the pet store's here when it comes to prepared foods the food is way more expensive than paying $20 for a case of cans that will last me at least a month+ It would probably be cheaper to just buy the meats myself, but I just don't have time to study up on it to get the ingredients perfectly, and the last thing my cat needs is heart problems on top of food allergies!

Like I said, if this canned meat diet doesn't work, we'll be going RAW regardless of the cost.
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