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Kitty throwing up :(

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Please help. My 11 month old is throwing up. I thought it was the food i went from kitten to adult, but he just threw up the canned stuff too. Hes never done that. He had thrown up before but only the dry when I've changed. Well now I think it might something else. Any have any ideas?
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I would have the vet do a fecal to make sure he doesn't have any parasites causing this.
If vet rules this out, he could be eating too fast and it's coming right back up. If this is the case, just give him smaller portions at a lime, or give him smaller kibble by either crushing it, or buying smaller ones.
It may still be the food. If he has a sensative tummy, then weather it's dry or wet, if it doesn't agree, it doesn't agree. You might want to try slowly switching to a sensative stomach formula or you can try a lamb formula.
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How long has the vomiting been going on for?

A couple causes could be him eating too fast. A common problem in dogs and cats of all ages who gulp down their food too quickly.

Have you had him checked and treated for worms? Intestinal parasites can cause a cat to vomit.

There's also the chance of a foreign body he might have ingested. Is there anything around the house or any of his toys that have gone missing?

Most of all you should have him checked out by a veterinarian to make sure this isn't anything serious.
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Did you mix the foods to ease the transition? Is the cat eating the food too quickly? I've seen cats eat food too fast, and then it comes up again shortly.

Could the cat have eaten part of a plant, something else it shouldn't have eaten? Was the vomit just the food or could there have been a hairball in there? Cats will often vomit when trying to expell a hairball. But, this shouldn't be a continuous thing.

Perhaps you should call the vet and/or take the cat in for a visit to be sure it isn't something serious causing the cat to vomit.
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Badhabit - I just saw your post after I sent mine through!
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LOL now I'm reading Sandie's and she beat me to it. I guess I'm just not fast enough.

It's kind of a nice thing when you post a question on this site and everyone jumps to answer it.
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It just goes to show how much we all care about the cause
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Thanks guys. I remember when He first had his shots he had a fecal which was like 8 months ago. Would he need another? Also I didn't notice any difference in the eating pace its always been the same. Actually he doesn't really want to eat. I fed him half of a can this morning before I left for work and when I got back it was gone and since hes not really eating i thought the other cat ate it. Well about 20 minutes ago I saw him throw it up. It was exactly the food. This has been going on since yesterday through all night and today.
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Sometimes there may not be eggs present when they do a fecal. When they are little or have no history, it's a good idea to do a fecal a few weeks apart even if they were wormed. I would definatly start there
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