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You'll spend an arm & a leg for those books and when you go to sell them back after the semester is over, they won't even give you HALF of what they are worth - I remember paying $150 for a book and got $10 back!
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I would have had to pay 300 for my books... went to amazon and got them all (with the exception of spanish which I'd already bought) for 100. One book was selling for 20 at the store and I got it for 50 cents including shipping! Okay, I know they aren't in pristine condition, but you still pay 15 for a used book at the bookstore!
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I wish they had amazon, etc when I was in school!!
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom
The joys of school!
I remember my first semester when i didnt know how to check before classes to see what books were required. the first sememter my books were like 300 bucks! ouch!
I did the exact same thing! I spent 450 my first semester on books and some of them I only opened once or twice. And then the bookstores don't buy books back for much at all! Usually I don't buy books until I need them, unless it's my main classes like calc and accounting classes.
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LOL I am too.
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The only textbook I never wanted to sell was my Art History. It was an elective for me and I loved the course.

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