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Cat-on-Cat Aggression

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This may have been posted already (sorry if it is), but I'm having some trouble with my cats. I suppose I could have put this in with my other post...we have two cats, a 5-year old spayed female, and a 2-year old neutered male. The female was already here before the male came as a young kitten. They have been together for a couple of years now, and they seem to have a love-hate relationship. Sometimes they get on just fine and are friendly, and sometimes (actually, a lot of times), they fight. I could just chalk it up to play-fighting, but sometimes it seems to get really violent. There's hissing, spitting, screaming, pouncing, clawing, biting, and chasing. It gets so bad sometimes that we have to break them up. I often notice that one cat will provoke the other, by swatting at the other one until it gets aggravated. Sometimes the male provokes, sometimes the female. They are indoor cats, so they don't have much to do all day...could this possibly be out of boredom? It's getting worrisome, especially since the fur on the female's back has become all clumped and matted, and we're afraid it may be due to the fighting. Any ideas on why this is going on or suggestions to stop it? Thanks!
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Two books I would recommend-

Outwitting Cats by Wendy Christensen and cat-vs-cat by Pamela Johnson- Bennett
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