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Indoor Cats

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So I was just visiting this web site based in Australia that essenially bashed people who keep their cats indoors. They claim that it is comparable to a concentration camp existence. I really disagree with this, but I have to admit that I am not completely unbiased because my cat lives indoors.

I have actually had 2 cats, one who recently died from a non-indoor related illness, and Dmitri. I will say that Dmitri is presently out of sorts due to his "brother's" death, but generally he is a happy, healthy catboy.

He has constant access to fresh water and food, toys to play with, places to explore, and access to fresh air on our enclosed balcony. He is scratching-post trained, so he never causes damage to my house, and he seems to enjoy being in close proximity to us. My question is -- Am I doing something wrong, or are these people nutty?????
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Everyone has their own opinon about things and no matter what it is there's going to be people disagreeing on the subject.

Using the indoor/outdoor debate is a good example. Some people feel indoor only cats are safest while there are some who choose to let their cats go outside feel keeping them in is unnatural and inhumane(not saying every inside/outside cat owner feels this way). I personally feel that it is your choice as a cat owner. I keep my cats inside because of the number of predators and fast moving cars around here. If I lived out in a remote spot with no great threat of foxes and coyotes then I might reconsider.

If Dmitri is happy indoors and it sounds like he is well taken care of then you have no reason to question yourself. Keep up the good work.
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If your cat is happy, then you are not doing anything wrong.

I have to keep my 2 cats Lucy & Cosmo separated at all times b/c of fighting. Lucy is allowed to go outside during the day, but only when I can supervise. She never ventures off of the patio.

Cosmo is kept in my bedroom during the day. I leave the window open so he can look out at the birds. He sleeps on my bed. Lately, I have left the radio on the classical music station for him. Cosmo has been so much calmer, perhaps b/c of the soothing music.

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I will always keep mine inside unless they are in an outdoor enclosure of sorts. Yes, I think cat's enjoy being outside, but I also think they should be kept from harm. If you live in the country and you bring them in at night, then that's one thing. However, when they live outside on a busy street or near traffic, it's a little hard for me to understand. I just had someone getting ready to move to HI, they had the microchip, bloodwork and vaccines all done. They called me yesterday to let me know the cat is deceased, he got hit by a car
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I try not to be too judgemental of people, but sometimes question myself when reading what other people consider to be gospel truth.
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Concentration camp???? I would give my right eye to have the life of my indoor only cats! They are both very happy cats with plenty of stimulation, fresh air, food and water, and love.

My best friend lives on a farm and her kitty is indoor/outdoor. When she lived in town her kitties were indoor only. It depends on the situation. And like BadHabit said, it is a personal decision of the cat owner. I live in a suburb of Denver, Colorado and there is no way my babies can go outside unattended. Too many cars, and cats never win fights with cars.
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If unlimited access to a queen-size orthopedic bed, a mooshy LaZboy, all the good food and clean water you need and protection from the elements, without having to do a lick of work is a concentration camp - open those gates and let me in! Needless to say, my Opie is, strictly, an indoor cat.
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My older cat was an outdoor cat for 10 years. Every few months, in we went to the vet because of an abcess from fights with other cats. Have you ever tried medicating a cat abcess? It's totally gross. Then one day he came home and was making this slurping noise and pawing his mouth. Well, who knows how he did this, maybe from jumping off a fence, but he had bitten a big slice out of his tongue. Much to his dismay, he was then converted to an indoor-only cat and I've probably saved a fortune in emergency Vet bills. But after he adapted, he was quite happy indoors.
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I guess Dani's become a combination however her "outside" is limited to a 2nd floor deck railing. She's never allowed to freely run through our apartment complex. It's an "animal friendly" complex and many allow their cats to roam. I'm always afraid Dani would get run over or get in a fight. So she's allowed to sit outside in the fresh air. It's too high up for her to get down and she's showing no indication that it would be a problem. It was an agonizing decision because I believe cats are safer and healthier kept indoors.

mom to Dani Night Stalker
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My 2 kitties (both 9 years old) have never been outside. They love to sit in the windows when I open them and at the screen door. I think if they ever got outside, it would scare them to death. They prefer the queen size bed, couch, rocking chair, fresh food, clean water, and my lap. As I get ready for work in the mornings I look at my cats laying on the bed and think, I want to be my cats.

Any cats I ever have will be inside cats only, because to me it is safer from the hazards of the outside world, the diseases that cats pass on to one another, and I don't I have to worry as much. However, there are inside hazards too, but I have more control of kittyproofing the inside to ensure their safety.
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Casper and Kitty are indoor cats only. We live on the 3d floor, and they don't have a chance to go out. Besides, we live next to a bus and train station, so I woulnd't let them out anyway, too dangerous!
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Our cat lives indoor . We have a large house , so he can run around as much as he likes !!! He does not even like to go outdoors , as it scares him to death ! I'm also home most of the day , so he is never lonely !!! Sydney is a happy and lovely indoor-cat !!!!
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My cats are indoor....occassionally, if I'm out on the balcony, I'll let them come out for some fresh air...but Noah could care less. Cleo loves it outside though. But, I find that my cats are cleaner than an outdoor cat, and they are safe. I wouldn't let them out, even if I could, because of all the weirdos around here. (I live on the sixth floor, so they can't go out even if I wanted to let them) Like everyone else has already pointed out, it is up to the owner, and if the cat is happy, why worry?:tounge2:
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My cat is an indoor cat and I feel it is much safer and healthier for him.
He has the run of the house, plays with toys and is very happy.

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My four are indoor cats only. Two of them(the girls) were outside for a year until I brought them inside and they are very happy and never want for anything. They go to the vet for their shots and checkups, they have all the toys I can find that I'd think they'd like, four cleaned twice a day litter boxes, bottled water never tap, and quality cat food, with all the treats they can get their paws on. Every year I get them a new cat tower to play on. (We are due for another one soon)I have photo albums of them and carry pictures of them and they play out on the enclosed porches I have and that way, they get the fresh air, and the stimulation of being outdoors, without actually being outdoors. They lounge around and watch birds and squirrels because mom buys squirrel and bird food so they have something to watch outside, on top of that, they have 7 fish tanks to watch if they choose to. not to mention that mom and dad dote on them constantly and give in to their every command.
If that is a concentration camp, well then, sign me up! I'd love to be there!
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I have had many many cats, that were indoor, some were outdoor, some were both (freely), some where both (with a leash and harness)

And by far my cats are happiest, and bond more and are healthier and healthier looking than any outdoor cat I have ever met.

Humans used to live outdoors in trees, then we moved to windy caves, eventually we evolved to being indoors, and we like it right? Who says cats can't evolve either.
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