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went to the Vet.

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This is my first post.
I will try to make this short but i sure could use some feedback on this.

My cat, male 7 years old, fixed, started having problems on Sat. when i went to pick him up he cried and did not eat or drink all evening ~ Sunday he seemed worse ~ but i was unable to get him into the Vet. till this morning.

May i please "vent"
$150.00 for a visit, clean his ears, clip his nails, give him a shot, the Vet, did a check up and my cat Igmun did have a tempeture 104 ~ the reason for the shot of antibiotics ~ his bladder was not extended so he was not blocked.

But, for another $150.00 the vet would do blood work ~ i just can not afford that all at once ~ and of course they do not allow for payments.

I brought Igmun home and with a matter of mintues he had peeded all over himself ~ whihc with all that he went through and all the pushing that the vet did on him it was understand-able ~ i was just happy that he pee

He put himself back in the closet and slept most of the day ~ he did finelly eat and used the litter box has not pooped yet but the tech. said that it might have something to do with him being stressed out.

Right now he is sitting on top of my computer desk cleaning himself ~ i had to put him in the sink and give him a bath.

But, he is still a bit tender when i pick him up and he can not jump up to the desk on his own.

Any feed back on this from anyone?
What could cause the tenderness and not being able to jump.

Thanks for all you that have read this ~ sorry it is so long.

Igmun's mom.
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Where do you live? What country? Was there something specialized the vet was looking for? $150.00 for blood work is a bit up there.
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I live in Eureka CA which is about 69 miles south of the Oregon border.

I also thought that 150.00 was a bit high !!!!
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Yeah $150 sounds crazy! Was it something they could run there or would it have to be sent out? If it had to be sent out that's the only reason I could think it would cost so high!

When you get the cash to go to the vet again, I would definitley try a second oppinion, that is if your cat still continues having problems. If he's clear as a whistle, then nevermind
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Hello, I can't find the bill for Tuffy with the blood work, but I found one with a chest/head Xray and meds included for him and the whole visit came to $96.50.

Recheck exam $10, office call $6.50, primary X ray $56, and meds $24.

This is Tuffys very first vet visit back on 8-6-05,exam $16.50, office call $6.50, Dewormer $4.25, sample collection $5.00, fluids S.Q. $8,Fel Leuk/FIV test $35.50, Clavamox drops $12, for $87.75.

If I had to pay the prices being talked about here I would have needed a bank loan for all the vet trips Tuffy had. The poor kitty still has to be "fixed" yet lol.

I am in central Wisconsin.
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In the UK we have a charity called Spay watch and if you can't afford to have your male/female cat "done" They give you a voucher/token thing, which you have to take a vet of their choise and the vet does it for free.

I didn't know if Creep was "done" or not. So I called spay watch and we talked and with in 2-4 days the token thing was sent to me and all I had to do was call the vet and make a appointment. Nothing else. It turned out Creep was already spayed, but they gave her a once over, to see if there was anything wrong, for free. Which I thought was nice of them.

Over here spaying/nutring cost from £17-£38. I don't no how much that is in $ though.
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You are lucky if you pay under £40. When I lived in London, even six years ago it cost me over £90 to get my cat Cinders spayed. That is over $150.
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Kura, could you either post or pm me details of that please - I have never heard of it, but it would be handy to know. My vet charges £43 for a female, no idea of the cost of a male (only know the discount price the charity pays, but never had to use it!!)
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Yuck! In Streeterville, Chicago, IL, where my vet is (and this is like the ritzy tourist part), a completel blood panel on Lola cost me 91.00. And my vet is usually quite expensive (but I love them, so I cough up the extra $$)...$150 seems extremely unreasonable.
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100 is about ave for a full basic panel... ie not indepth just a little of everything..
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