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Well my cats don't really "destroy" anything other than each other but here are some things they've both done which are "annoying" at worst and "funny" at best.

Napoleon has a "scooting problem" (have had everything checked out, need to change his diet, AGAIN) after he poops, and right after we moved recently he pooped and must have had a little diarrhea...jumped on the couch (for which we just washed its slipcovers) and SCOOTED all over, leaving a big ol' skid mark on it. Had to wash it again!!! He hasn't really been scooting again until recently, and then he does it on the wood floor (I think he learned from us saying NO when he tries to do it on the rugs)...leaving again a big ol' skid mark.

He has also DESTROYED his scracthing post, which was actually Cassie's, but I guess he's claimed it as is own. But I guess that's a good thing, better than the furniture

Cassie is my sweet baby girl and rarely destroys anything...but the only thing she has "destroyed" recently was a rug and the infamous couch that Napoleon scooted on...she jumped on the table, and knocked over a fresh cup of coffee all over the couch and rug. Luckily, we have one of those rug cleaners and had to drop the slipcovers off at the laundromat since it was close to closing time when it happened.
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always attacks the christmas tree and the ornaments. it has gotten to the point that i have to purchase a small tree since i get tired of picking the ornaments up no idea why she does that. she also goes into my makeup and pulls out the pony tail holders and plays with them. she taught my other cat how to do this and now they are both driving me nuts not only that but they fall into the toilet and i have to get them out of other cat butter has a weird obsession with climbing into the bottom kitchen cabinets and hiding. she gets stuck cause her big butt can't fit through..... sometimes i really wonder about them!
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Originally Posted by Ryn
My cats aren't that destructive, but I know a cat who, within 2 years, has for example:

Broken a 2 week old TV with a book shelf

Dipped her feet in to mint green paint, covering the kitchen with minty paw prints

Made her mom tear down their bed room closet with a sledge hammer, because she got stuck behind it

Smuggled herself to her mom's workplace

Shut hersel in an oven (luckily cold)

Broken her back legs by jumping unsuccesfully from top of a shelf.

Gods forbid us from having that kind of cats.

Thanks for posting this. It makes my Jordan seem like an angle. Jordan has never done any large damage, but he's good at lots of little damage & he is good at always staying 1 step ahead of my cat proofing. I have baby locks on all cabinets, on my freezer door, on my medicine cabinet & no knobs on my stove. He has broken many glasses, knocked all the medicine out of the medicine cabinet. I no longer have a circulating water dish because he figured out how to flip it over & once he figures out how to flip something over he does it EVERY day. My cats are also chewers. They chew to get my attention. Anything I don't want chewed must be put away where they can't get at it. Including my cell phone which has teeth marks in the antena. I've got 2 bad stories that could have been total desctruction. The first was when Jordan knocked at jar of tomato sauce out of the cabinet onto my stove. Well if something heavy is droped on it the piolt lights go out. So I came home one night to an over powering smell of natural gas (I live in a 400 sq foot apartment so it doesn't take much to fill it with gas). Then most recently one of the cats jumped on the stove & their foot must have slipped because next thing I know the cord to my curling iron (Wich I set there to cool in the morning) was in flames. So I've got a new curling iron, but I hate it & I'm sure I'll never find that one again. I loved that curling iron. But at least they didn't burn down the whole place.
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Where to even begin???

I've had cats that never broke a single thing, and others, wellllllll...........

Here's a short list: urinated on a new couch, inside a heating duct, on all the suitcases in the basement

ate or knocked over all house plants (which I no longer bother with!)

knocked over and broke many, many knick-knacks that I didn't really need

Chewed up books/magazines/papers (only the dogs eat library books)
torn up lots of good carpet

caught a helpless gerbil in his aquarium

Broken lamps

Walked through paint/tracked cute kitty paw-prints everywhere

Gotten a head stuck between the rails in a kitchen chair- I quickly sawed the rail off; cat was fine

Broken a model Inuit Eskimo mask

Ruined countless screens, looking outside

climbed up canopy/mosquito netting, decorative, on my daughers' beds; completely ruined 2 of them

Now, the list of good things they've done would take the rest of the day!

My two stray boys who have been patiently confined to my bedroom/master bath area since shortly after Christmas are amazingly good, apart from knocking over their water dish (on purpose for the 10th time) on a library DVD-- they are such angels. They both get neutered tomorrow; finally!!
These cats have always lived outside and fended for themselves, but they are so calm and sweet in the house. Just wait until they meet the other 8... what havoc they will wreak... they are worth it.
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A street. Seriously. Our street was a bit ripped up, as the sewage pipes and water mains were being replaced. Jamie got out, and crawled into an exposed pipe. He was a kitten at the time. When we couldn't get him to crawl back out, we called the fire department. They didn't have any luck, and called the water company. They came out, used a camera on a cable to locate him, and had to dig up the street and saw through the pipe to get him out. We can no longer insure Jamie in this country, and our deductible was awfully high.
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Originally Posted by jcat
A street. Seriously. Our street was a bit ripped up, as the sewage pipes and water mains were being replaced. Jamie got out, and crawled into an exposed pipe. He was a kitten at the time. When we couldn't get him to crawl back out, we called the fire department. They didn't have any luck, and called the water company. They came out, used a camera on a cable to locate him, and had to dig up the street and saw through the pipe to get him out. We can no longer insure Jamie in this country, and our deductible was awfully high.
Oh I know it's not really funny...but Jamie!!, such a naughty kitty!
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Originally Posted by Sar
Don't worry, that's easily fixed - I did it before we moved from my last place!

How did you fix it? I'd love the advice.

I think Jamie takes the cake for destructiveness.... poor baby!
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When I wa growing up, we had cats all the time (mostly my doing because I would find them in the barn, and bring them inside, and keep them in my room untill my parents would find out, and I would tell them that I loved the cat, and then it became a family cat)

Anyhow, I was also a hamster fanatic, I had so many hamsters. One time, one of the cats got into the hamster cage, and took "nibbles" out, and killed him while we were sleeping. It was a very sad day. But that's about all I've had in the destructive part of my kitty life.
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Oh naughty cats, gotta love them! This thread has me howling!

Hmmm, I think the worse thing was Pushy knocking over the ceramic jar I kept their treats in. I couldn't even be mad at him 'cos I was proud that he was smart enough to figure it out where the treats were and how to get them!

I just thought of that Motrin ad where the through a long series of events a cat wrecks the house and car and gives its owner a real headache!
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Where do I start?

Knocked the wooden silver chest off the fridge and shattered it (wedding gift of course).

My first cat put me thru 3 sofas (before I knew how to train them to use a scratch post).

Screens in windows: can't tell you how many I have had to replace over the years. I have learned to rescreen a frame in less than 5 minutes due to practice.

Carpet: had a problem pee-er way back when and had to throw out every scrap in the house and have every floor in the house refinished (many thousands of dollars).

Clothes: many of mine like to kneed and I get holes in anything I wear around the house. My home wardrobe is now limited to a few items.

Scratch posts: can't get mad at them for using them, but I'm always replacing carpet and rope on them.

Glassware: I've switched to plastic with lids. The dogs get more of them with their tails when left on the coffee table. The cats would catch them during their "crazy" runs around the house.

If we go the dog route:

Ate thru walls, floors, and wallpaper. Constant claw marks on the back door where they are compelled to stand on it to greet me as I unlock it. They got a stack of magazines we left out on the coffee table a few months back. We came home to 1 foot of debrie covering the living room floor.
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When I lived at my old house, and the only cats we had were Sassy (siamese) and Lucy, they would get on the back of the couch, and jump onto the curtain rod.. they did it so much that it had a permanent bend in it, and kept falling down. Sassy used to shred the toilet paper in the bathrooms, too.. we ended up having to make sure the doors were shut when we weren't home.

I still love my kitties, even if they have done some bad things.
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Before we moved my cats destroyed:
the shower curtains
bathroom rugs
christmas tree branches
Since we moved in with my mother for the time being, in combination with her cats:
they have knocked over THREE lamps in the past week! One is completly destroyed, one the shade is broken, and third just knocked over on the floor.
They have also dug dirt out of the plants and onto white carpet and shredded numerous rolls of toilet paper. They've also ripped up bits up carpet from under doors when it was shut. They have also vomited on my bed a couple of times, then Emmy puked on the couch today and like thirty seconds after, Sarah puked on the carpet. One time we had a cat that had feline leukimia, and he knocked over a ceramic angel from the top of the china cabinet. I took the blame for that one, lol.
I know this isn't a cat, but our dog had whipworm very very bad a few years ago, and he was indoors at night and would have massive diarheaa all over the carpet several times a night. That was one of the hardest messes to deal with.
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Hmmm. I have to think really long and hard about this. . .
Molly likes to pee on tires (in the garage) and I've discovered some items in my basement over the years that she peed on (plastic crates that contained my kids toys! - eeew).

She destroyed a sectional couch when she was younger by sharpening her claws on it.

She's vomitted on many an item (too numerous to recall) - from beds, to windowsills, carpets, clothes, anything that's in the way when she feels a hair ball coming on! It's all been washable.

Morrell is a good boy (so far) and I don't think he's done anything destructive.

Noah (I'm quite certain) - discovered some dirt under my basement stairs (in an area that isn't accessible) and thought it would make a good litter box. I couldn't understand why it was always so stinky down there after changing the boxes! I cleaned it up the best I could and blocked the crawl space with a screen.

Bella loves to jump on my bureau to wake me up. She's knocked things down, but so far (knock on wood) hasn't detroyed anything. Just this morning she fell off the top of my headboard and knocked my caller ID off my nighstand.

She also likes to gnaw on books and magazines (my son listed some of his old trumpet books on e-bay which were like new. . . . until little Miss Bella got a hold of them!! We had to explain to the winning bidder what the little teeth marks were all about.

I also discovered some cuts in my old kitchen linoleum, which I think is from the cats sharpening their claws. Thankfully, it's a very old floor.
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Yikes! The worst thing I can think of is Chuckie getting a hold of an unopened bag of dry food (even ferret food) and tearing a great big hole in the bag!
Sometimes Spyder will open the cabinet with the canned cat food in it and knock them all out onto the floor.
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Well, my cat Charlie is pretty noughty, but not veryd estrucktive. He did knock a roll of toilet paper into the toilet hwne it was flushing...and he did resently just pee on some of my dads tie's...i don't see that to big as he hardly ever where's most of his tie's.
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