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Food Question

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I adopted a kitty yesterday and I don't see her eat much. I was told when I got her that the lady doesn't free fed her kitties. So the kitty only ate twice a day.

So tonight I gave her a bowl of wet food and she chowed that down.

My question is how does a cat go from eating twice a day to getting free fed. Cuz apparently the kitty thinks I am going to be giving her food twice a day. Do cats just know when to eat throughout the day? Cuz I don't think mine does lol.
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It may take awile .. I went thru that with Zoey.. a year later she knows her dish is always full but she eats about four times a day with a snack or two
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Cuz I don't want her to get dyhrated ya know. From not eating. Any tips on what I can do to help her eat more throughout the day?
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Kitty kavier... work s with young to ancient.. I know you feed a good dry food with the wet ... Zoey will touch raw but not canned.
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Kitty kavier? whats that?
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tuna flakes sometimes called bonito flakes..
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It wont hurt her to eat in meals... it's actually better overall for her metabolism and digestive system if she's *not* constantly grazing on food. She may just eat at her designated food times, even if the food is left out all day. I would never be able to leave food out for my kitties, because as *soon* as any food products hits the bowl they eat every last bit of it. As long as she's eating the food you've put out, I wouldn't worry too much about when she's eating it.
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How old is your kitten? While they are growing they do need more food. And in my experience some cats gorge immediately on anything you put down, some seem to regulate themselves better. If she has lots of toys to play with when you are out that will stop her getting bored and going for food indiscriminately.
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She is close to 6months old.
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