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Tuffy off meds for 3 weeks now!!

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Hi, I don't want to jinx Tuffy but he has been off meds for 3 weeks now and still doing great. {other than making babys with our dog lol} I hope he finally is free from the infection he had and continues to do good. His right eye has not teared up for a while now also so maybe that is over with too.

Its been a long tough 5 months for him and maybe he can just be a kitty cat from now on.

I have said it before but this site has helped me allot with Tuffy and I am greatfull.

Tom W
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Yes! Yay Tuffy, now he can go back to normal. Hoping this trend of no meds keeps up!!
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Yay Tuffy!
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I am real glad for Tuffy and or check book to lol, vet visits were adding up pretty good but well worth it to save Tuffy.

I am a little concerned about something I found with Tuffy the other day while petting him. He has a little round something behind his right ear that seems to be stuck into his skin. {of his head,not his ear} I thought maybe it was just a scab or something but the other day I finally got his hair apart well enough under a bright light to see it. It sticks out of his skin some and is real solid when I hook it with my finger nail. His skin is not red or swollen around it and it don't bother him when I pick at it. It almost feels like a sliver or maybe a broken off piece of another cats claw stuck in him. Wife says to take a tweasers and try to pull it out. I don't think I can do that, not knowing what it is or how long it is. It is so small in diameter its real hard to see what it might be. I have a good magnifying glass in my tool box maybe I can get a good look at it with that.

I am suprised that it is not infected or hurting him if it is some thing stuck in him that isn't supost to be there. I assume its been there since I had him. A while back I found something in his fur I had a hard time to get out, it was a little piece of white plastic, I wonder if I broke it off and part of it is still stuck in him?

I guess the best thing to do is take him in and have the vet look at it.
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