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Can I guess how large my cat will get?

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Abigail is four and a half months old according to her teeth (says the vet) so I was wondering if there is a way to estimate her grown size from her current size?
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I might have said yes a year ago ... but after a 8 month old grew to double size but not wt
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Beats me?? I wish I knew. I have a 6 mo female, Suzie who is 4 lbs, 11 oz. One vet told me she will be small, probably about 7 pounds. That was when she was 3 or 4 mos old. Her brother Cookie is 7 lbs, 3 oz. He is the longest cat I have seen and very tall, but very slim. I *think* he is going to be a large boy, but not that heavy. He had HUGE paws when he was little.
Zakk was 6 lbs at 6 mos, and is now 9 1/2 lbs, and at an ideal weight. Rocky was about 8 lbs at 6 mos, and is bigger than Zakk in length. He is now about 12 1/2 pounds, but is a little overweight. Just thought I'd throw that info out there.
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I thought Dax was going to be a large cat - as a three month old kitten she was the biggest of the litter with these big hairy paws and a mass of excess skin around her belly that jiggled wildly when she ran, also being a norwegian cross I thought it was sensible to buy a extra large carrier for her.

I think I could probably fit 5 of her in that silly carrier - when we arrive at the vets I think people expect you to drag a small pig out of there not an oversized kitten. Last time I weighted her she was around 7-8 pounds - it seems to be a good weight for her since she does not have a big frame. Bathtime is a hoot, her fur is quite thick and she deflates when wet - its like a little black rat is on the loose in the bathroom.

I think there are indicators of adult size but you never can be sure!
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Harley was the very smallet kitten out of the litter - he was the runt, now, 6 months later, he is 9.5 pounds and the biggest out of the litter
The rest of the kittens out of the litter are very very tiny, not Harely - he's a wild animal in disguise!

I agree with the other posts - I don't think you can never been sure!
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Well if you know who the parents are you can tell a lot better then if its a mixed breed with no knowledge of the parents.

I know some of our barn cats (before they were spayed) had litters very young - before 1 yr old and 1/2 the kits were on the smaller side like mom and some grow into normal large male (9/10 lbs).

I don't think you can tell how big by teeth or paws. I've had a male kitten with big paws and he only turned out to be a solid 10 lb cat - you'd have thought he'd be a 14/15 lb cat!
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Not necessarily. You can sometimes tell by the size of the paws and ears and the length of the tail but not always. One of my cats had the biggest ears and longest tail as a kitten and I thought he was going to be HUGE. He turned out to be a medium sized cat with ridiculously large paws and ears. Go figure.
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Sometimes I wonder if what they are fed as small kittens influences their size. I didn't get Zakk until he was 6 months old, and he had been abadoned in an apt by his owner, who had been evicted. So I don't think he was getting the greatest diet, and to me he seem small for a male cat. (9.5 lbs)
My wee babies were living outside eating what ever was doled out probably from the time they were weaned until age 13 weeks- boy did they grow a lot in just one month eating nutro!
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From my experience nutrition in early life doesn't seem to significantly influence adult size. It seems to be mostly genetic. The largest (not fat, just large!) cat I have ever known was definitely malnourished as a youngster.
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I don't have any idea how to guess on that. When I got Rambo the vet told me that he was going to be a big boy...but he hasn't grown much. He's probably about 8-9lbs and he's almost a year old. I keep waiting for him to have another growth spurt!!
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They usually surprise me with their size (or lack of it) as they mature. Scarlett and her littermates were malnourished as kittens, and she was the runt when young. Her brother and sister were twice her size at 8 weeks old. Now Scarlett and her sister as adults weigh 7 pounds, and brother weighs in at 18 pounds. My Oscar was called "Little Oscar" until he was a year old (8 pounds) and in the last year blossomed to be a good sized 13 pounds - he is now "Big O".

Sometimes the vets call it and sometimes they just surprise you.
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