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I just got an eviction notice on my door!
I am ONE day behind! I talked to my landlord on Wed about I only get paid every two weeks and I would pay her the full 2 weeks then. She said that would be fine, that she would write me a reciept today for $200 (to show the owner I DID pay even though I didnt) and then when I paid her the full $400 on friday would give me another reciept for $200 that way I dont look late to the owner. Well the owner came today to do some inspections and she almost lost her job because she's not making the repairs she's supposed to and she's sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. To keep her from getting fired, she lied to the owner saying I never made arrangements with her so I ended up with an eviction notice saying I have to be out in 3 days! So I called my mom and dad and told them. Mom came over and talked to her and Im having to borrow the money from my dad until I get paid. Im SO stressed out with everything! The landlord actually told me "I dont give a what you and your kids do, you have to get out"
I about died! I then asked her if she told the owner that he was honoring the agreement and she said it wasn't the one who made the decisions, the owner was. I then (after many MANY choice words) told her that she didnt need to be a manager and that she wasnt a very good one in the first place! I also informed her that when I DO move out they are gonna have a HUGE lawsuit!
So now I have to get her to sign a paper saying the eviction is null and void when I pay her the money.... If she will.
Please send me vibes that I dont have a nervous breakdown before all this is over with!
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I'm so sorry that things have been so crummy for you latley!!. I'm sending you many stay strong vibes!! {{{{ }}}}
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She has to file an eviction legally. Do a google on your landlord tenant law. in your area. I know in the state of Minnesota no one can make you get out themselves, they have to have law enforcement do it. and in order to do that they have to go through the court system. they also have to proove that they gave you notice of When to Pay and gave you "reasonable" time to do so.Also if repairs havent been done, and you have requested it. that is a good reason for witholding rent as per tenant landlord law. but you should check it in your area.
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Nope, they can't evict you in 3 days... It's against the law. Most apartments issue those notices when you are late as a formality. When you pay the rent the eviction notice is automatically cancelled.
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They have a hotel/motel license so they can evict in 3 days. As far withholding the rent for repairs, you have to send the landlord a letter, then file it with the court and put the money in a bank account specifically for that.
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but if you dont actually live in a hotel/motel i belive you said it was a mobile home? spells Big trouble for them....
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Originally Posted by ScamperFarms
but if you dont actually live in a hotel/motel i belive you said it was a mobile home? spells Big trouble for them....
Thats what I was thinking. I could go on and on about the things tht have happened illegally here!
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If they push the issue I would go to the authorities on it. but of course thats me.
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I agree with Scamperfarms... if they want to evict you, go to court/authorities, they will likely get themselves in more trouble than you and will drop the case before it ever gets past a letter.
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That is terrible!! What a witch that woman must be!!!!
All I can do is wish you good luck, hon. I do hope that things get MUCH better for you very soon!
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Oh when I move out of here I am going to report SO many things. It wasnt more then a month ago I went to go talk to her about something and she was at her sons house (he lives here also) and when they opened the door to call her she was sitting on the couch smoking a joint, which wouldn't have bothered me (people do what they want in thier own homes) but there were children less then 15 from her in the other room. I have also knocked on her door and seen her rushing to put something in her drawer which looked like a mirror and something white... I think we ALL KNOW what that was!
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Maybe you are just better off out of there! But she does have to give you enough time to find somewhere else... do you have a copy of the first receipt?
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This woman sounds like such scum I have no advice for you but I do wish you good luck!
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I would love to move. Im waiting till income tax
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Sending you the good vibes I got that this mess comes out in your favor..
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What a ******! I'm so sorry. I would definitely take some sort of legal action but from the sounds of it you are better off out of there.

*hugs* My thoughts are with you!
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