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Bath day!

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Today was a grooming day for Bear. Today he was a little angel. He was good during his bath, mabe because i pute one of his favorite toys in the water and he was intrested in that, and after his bath he let me cut his claws with his clipers, then we brushed his teeth, and then he took a 3 hour nap! It realy wore him out! But my point i'm trying to make is today Bear was a great little kitty, and he usaly scatches and claws during his bath, and he never lets me cut his claws. This may not seem so great to many of you , but it was a great acomplishment for Bear. I think he needs a hand !
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Yay Bear, what a little angel you are!
I wish my cats would be so perfect while I bathe them. I never escape without any battle scars .
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How often do you bathe him? Most cats don't really ever need to be bathed unless they've gotten into something really bad smelling, and a bath dries out the natural oils that keep their fur silky. A good brush is usually all that's needed.
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Yeah, I have agreed to nix the baths because Miya would go absolutely nuts. You'd think someone was trying to kill her...but actually it's quite the opposite.

Bear is a champion!
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Bear gets a bath every 2 or 3 weeks.
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