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We are a rescue group who has rescued many, many kitties from a gas shelter in Georgia. We are desperate for help. We need donations/adopt/foster/transport/sponsor help for our kitties. We can no longer rescue unless we have donations and adopt/sponsor/foster/transport help. Please visit our website www.savethekitties.org and see for yourself the work that has transpired since we began this rescue work in October, 2005. You can email either Gianna or Sue with any questions. Their email address is posted in the website. Any help; in any amount is a great help to us and the kitties are grateful.
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Hello Churchbug,

Thank you for the site. I wish you and all associated with savethekitties all the best in makeing this work. But most importantly, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart and soul for looking out for these cats.

I hope that you find some assistance. I will contact Gianna or Sue regarding "linking" to the website to that of my local SPCA and private shelters i volenteer for and maintain web sites for to help you get savethekitties.org known. Its not much, but all i can do directly at the momment.

Starting in places such as TCS will help STKitties get known and that will help you meet your financial needs. However, you will notice that many of us here are fighting the same battle that savethekitties are: funding and having people hear our pleas for reform.

Keep up the good work, continue to come here for help with your questions. There are many good people here who have been sheltering/fostering/ and running their private shelters for cats for many many years. They are an invaluable resource.

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hello middletown:

thanks for your words of encouragement and please do contact gianna or sue regarding any questions/ideas, etc. we could use all the help we can get !! the kitties thank you as well...i do hope you visited the website and looked at the wonderful kitties that are awaiting a new chance to love someone.
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Wow, I'm glad to see people so dedicated! This is great. I think I may drop by your site again and make a donation sometime.
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thanks in advance for your donation. the kitties are purrrrring.
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