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How much should a cat weigh?

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I recently saw a special about cats on the Today show. The "cat expert" said that cats who are overweight should go on a diet, but they didn't say how much a cat should weigh. I have a British Shorthair named Duchess and she weighs approximately 14 lbs. She is very docile and does not excersize much. Is she overweight? If she is, how can I get her to lose a little weight? Thanks!


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The best way to tell is to lightly run your fingers along her sides and if there's a tuck and a thin padding along her rib cage then she's fine.

The proper weight depends on the size and build of the kitty. 14 pounds is big for most females but if she has a large frame she might be ok.
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the below website should anser all your questions
about weight.

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The reason they didn't say is because cats are like people - they come in all shapes and sizes. I have a cat who weighs 21 pounds but just got a clean bill of health from his vet a few weeks ago, who told me there was no need for a diet at this time.

The rib test is an excellent method, but if you are still concerned, a vet visit might be in order, because if she is declared in need of a weight-loss diet, it will have to be done with your vet's supervision anyway. First of all, the low-calorie foods in the grocery stores and pet stores are more for maintaining weight than losing weight. Weight-loss diets can only be obtained from your vet. Furthermore, cats can become fatally ill if they lose weight too rapidly.

So, if in doubt, take little miss kitty to her vet.
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