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Injured paw

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I noticed Tabby had a lump of gravel stuck in her paw last week. I took it out, cleaned the wound (there was a hole where it had stuck in) and have carried on cleaning it every day. Its on her hind left paw on the inside of the foot but not on the pads.I noticed that she was getting bits of litter stuck in it every time she used her tray so i covered it in gauze and a baby sock for a couple of days to give it time to heal. I've checked it again today and its just not healing. Its not bleeding and doesn't look infected but the hole looks bigger than before. It doesn't appear to be bothering Tab at all. She's not licking it or limping but she is sitting in the other room and ignoring me now. She's probably sick of me checking it.
I'm debating whether to take her to the vet tomorrow or wait a few days. Finances are extremely tight so its come just at the wrong time. Also, i use litter crystals in her tray. Should i change it to something softer on her feet? If so, what? Sorry if that sounds like a daft question but i'm a very inexperienced cat owner.
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Is she declawed? You can use rabbit food for her until it heals, it is in such a bad place that healing would be quicker if you could get her to the vet. If you put your hand over the area with your palm side down, but not on the area, and you feel heat coming up- find the money somewhere and get her to the vet because she has an infection. It would be cheaper to have her treated now than later.
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thanks hissy.
No she's not declawed. There's no heat coming off it but the surrounding skin seems really hard. I'll take her tomorrow.
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Just got back from the vets. Tabbys' foot was bleeding a little this morning and the lump seemed bigger. The vet is fairly certain that it is a tumour and the gravel getting stuck in it was just incidental. He's concerned that it has grown in size in the space of a few days. She's going back on friday to have it removed and they will do a biopsy. I should get the results by next thursday at the latest. It's going to cost around 150 pounds but that's just one of those things i guess. I have a really bad feeling about this especially as he told the nurse to book Tab in as a high priority.
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Oh I'm so sorry. Don't freak yet. We automatically think the worst about things like this. Worst comes to worse, your Tabby might lose a paw. That sounds bad, but you would be amazed how well disabled pets do. My vet adopts disabled animals. He has a cat that was born with a birth defect where the cats hips are displaced so it can't stand on it's hind legs. The cat has compensated by just scooting on it's butt with it's front legs. The cat was actually abandon, and somehow managed this way till someone found her. Animals are way more adaptable then we think.
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I really hope she doesn't lose her paw. Ironically she nearly lost the whole leg when she was 10months old following an accident but a second opinion from another vet saved it. She belonged to my best friend then but came to live with me when she was 12 because my friends new landlady wouldn't allow pets. The same friend just emailed me to offer to help with the vets bills which is really sweet of her.
I just feel horribly guilty for putting her through the stress of a general anaesthetic especially when she is absolutely fine other than this lump. I've sat and explained it to her (yes i know that's nuts) and i'm going to give her lots of cuddles between now and friday.
I know i'm imagining the worst but i just want to prepare myself for when the results come back.
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Good vibes coming for you and Tabby. I wish I had some other advice to offer but I don't. Just give her lots of loving and keep her happy till Thursday and then let us all hope that the news is good.
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Maybe i'm panicking a little but Tabs appetite seems to have gone down a lot. She's been sick twice after eating yesterday and keeps going to her bowl now to eat, but just turns her nose up at the food. I think she knows somethings up because she just keeps sitting next to me and staring at me but doesn't want a fuss.

Can anyone tell me what i should expect when i bring her back from the vets? Will she be groggy for a while from the anaesthetic and should i give her some food straightaway?
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ok now i feel really stupid. she's just licked the bowl clean.
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