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Good Brush?

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I have a British Blue named Duchess. She has been living with my Mom while I was away at college, but now I am home and she is coming to live with me. My Mom never used to brush her very much and Duchess would get sick with hairballs. I am going to commit to brushing her often and I was wondering what kind of brush I should use? Also, how can I make her transition from my Mom's 5 bedroom house to my 1 bedroom apartment easier? I am taking her in tomorrow night...hopefully she won't freak out!


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Any move for a cat weather it's a bigger or smaller place is tough. Just make sure you have her stuff there for her and show her where the litter box is. She may hide, and if she does, just sweet talk with her and let her adjust in her own time. If she has ever been outside, make sure and keep her in for at least a few months.
I prefer the slicker brushes for short hair cats. It seems to get the dead hair out the best. You can also use a damp paper towel to get the dead hair off the surface.
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I brought Duchess into her new home today. I am happy to say that she only hid for about 3 hours under my bed, but I coaxed her out with toys and TLC. She seems quite happy now, and she's never been more lovey-dovey with me! I guess she senses how much I have missed her while I was in college, and she missed me too! I brushed her for a good half hour too, and I think she really appreciated that. I'm so glad that everything is going smoothly! I'll keep my fingers crossed!


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I am glad the move went smooth. I am sure she's going to be very happy now that you're back in her life
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My kitty is a medium-hair who sheds constantly. The best tool I've found is the Zoom Groom. It's a cat-shaped rubber thing with cone-shaped nubs instead of bristles, and it's really good for picking up hair. It's also much easier to clean than a regular brush--you can just pick the hair up off of the brush. I looove it!
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I don't know how to call our brush, but I try to attach a pic of it Everytime I take that brush, Kitty goes crazy and starts purring, she absolutely loves it! Before getting that, we had a normal plastic sort of brush for them and they didn't like it at all, but this one, wow, they love it! Kitty always wants to be brushed first, and Casper has to wait for his turn
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I think transistions into smaller houses are often 'easier' for a cat. Her domain is smaller, easier to claim, less rooms and corners to be fearful of.

As far as brushing, I start with my hand (good ol static), or you can use one of those ruber cat gloves. Loosens up the hair, brings it to the surface. Then I use the wire slicker brush, in short, upward motions.
And then I use my flea comb, comb the hair in differnet directions. It doesn't matter if they have fleas, it just makes for a really nice fine toothed comb.

Also if its a long haired kitty I will use a plastic pin brush ( or a normal person hair brush) to 'puff' her up at the end.
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