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Kitten not Eating

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Hi, I am a siamese breeder. I just got my first show male on Saturday night. He is four months old and a perfect show cat. He is extremely healthy, but I have not seen him eat since I got him. The breeder I got him from is a very reputable breeder who has my grand champions. He went to the vet last week and got his final round of vaccanations. I feed Royal Canin Siamese and Iams wet food but he turns his nose up at both. He is not acting lathargic, maybe a little scared because my females hate him. Do any one think that I should start trying to bottle feed him KMR?
He is not showing any negative health issues. He is running around the house and jumping on the furniture. He is not leghargic at all. He is not dehydrated, but I have not seen him drink. Do you just think I should let him eat when he is ready? I have dry food out around the clock.
The breeder had one of those fresh water despensers. Do you think that he does not know how to eat and drink out of a normal bowl?
Also, he has been crying all night for the last two nights. I think that he is just lonely because he came from a house with thirty cats and I only have three.

He is an extreme wedge so he is naturally thin.
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I would PM Gayef since she breeds siamese and can tell you what to expect. You may want to leave out KMR in a bowl for your boy to lap up.

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Time and patience, my dear ... a couple of nights into a new home is sure to be an upset for this little guy, so just make certain he is warm and comfortable in whatever hiding place he chooses and when he is ready to come out he will.

As for the food, try a little chicken or turkey meat baby food on a saucer. There isn't a Siamese alive that will refuse it *grin* My bet is that he is a little scared, definately confused and certainly missing his companions back at the breeder's home.

Time and patience ...
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Thanks, he ate. I was just getting anxious. Does anyone have any suggestions to help my females accept him? My neutered male is very nice to him but my two females hiss and growl every time they see him. Do you think that they will eventually like him.
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Oh, just as soon as he is old enough to breed and they come back into estrus, my guess is that they will like him well enough. *wink*

Just introduce slowly. There are a lot of sticky posts in the behavior forum about introducing cats - you might get some better ideas looking through some of those.
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