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Gums changing colors (I think) - dental?

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Hi all,

Wanted to ask if it's normal for my cats gums to change colors. A buddy of mine took his cats into the vet and was told it happens (freckles or something like that) and it wasn't anything to worry about. My cat seems perfectly healthy and happy so I'm not sure this warrants a vet visit. Still it seems like I'm starting to see little white patches on her lips that weren't there before. Maybe they were. It's really hard to tell with her because her lips have all different colors, gray in the front, pink in the back, and mixed patches of colors elsewhere. Plus she fusses with me every time I try to check her gums on my own to I can figure out if they really are changing colors.

BTW: She does have 'cat food breath' but has always had it. Seen others mention this could be a dental issue on different threads. I've never taken my cat in for dental work figuring this was a scam. Plus, they put the cat under to do this, so there's the risk she won't wake up, right? I'd like to hear some thoughts on the issue.

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My cat just had her teeth cleaned last week. She is 5 years old and had a mild case of gingivitis plus tarter buildup. After the cleaning her teeth and gums look wonderful. It's worth it have their teeth taken care of. If not, the bacteria from the gums winds up going all thru their body affecting the liver, kidney and heart. She had to take antibotics 3 days before the cleaning. The 1st antibotic didn't sit well with her stomach (vomiting) so we changed to another (no vomiting but she was slightly off her food). Once the antibotics were stopped she's seems back to normal. The cleaning cost $186.
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Thanks Christine. I didn't know antibiotics were involved either. If I can't get her mouth open to check her gums, imagine how hard it'll be to give her three days of pills.
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I would keep an eye on it and ask your vet at the next scheduled visit. If you see a drastic change bring her in. However, if the gums are looking much paler overall, and she is sick anyway, bring her in ASAP b/c she may not be getting enough oxygen.. I learned this when Rocky had an asthma attack!
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