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Anyone earning or earned their Masters?

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I currently want to take my career and shake it up a bit. I began looking into Masters degrees last year and have actively started contacting professors. I found one program that I'm really interested in, but found out that they're trying to keep their version of the program elite, so they're only accepting a small amount of people into it.
I'm really interested in this, but don't really know what to write. He just stayed aloof and said "tell me about what you do now (e.g. your professional background)". I wrote up something, but should I also add in WHY I want to be in that program?

Just looking tips! and
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I would certainly say why you are interested, what makes you qualified, and where this would lead you for future career.

I've just applied to a masters program at NC State for Bioinformatics. Its also really hard to get into but my fingers are crossed . I really want to start next fall but if I have to apply again next year then I will! My application required college transcript, gpa > 3.0, gre scores, statement of purpose, resume, and 3 letters of recommendation.
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I'm currently working on my masters and I'm assuming that what you're talking about writing is the personal statement section of your application? If so, when I was doing my applications I found that I had to change the statement for each school. They each wanted something a little bit different, so my advice to you would be to take to heart what he pointed out should be in your statement but perhaps tie in your reasons for making this change. What aspect of you do you feel has made you decide to make this change and maybe why that fits in well with the degree you're seeking. As long as you work that information in with the basics of what he told you to write and keep the statement to a shorter length I would think that you would be fine. After all, it's a personal statement and they're looking to learn a bit about you from it.

Good luck to you! What kind of program is it?
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OK...good thoughts/advice!

I realised as I was writing the letter earlier, I felt like I was applying to a job. Which in a sense, I understand that I'm applying to my future job, but I didn't want to make it resume-ish.

Its a Masters for Information Security (computers). My BF said to focus more on my security portion of my job, but as I said, I felt like I was writing a cover letter.
Plus it doesn't help that I have a major writing block!

Good Luck to you SolarityBengals! I hope you get in!
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Definitely say why you feel the course is right for you and what you will bring to it and why it will benefit you... my bosses 'real job' is the graduate chair for a university and he says 'if people can't sell themselves, they aren't going to put their all into the course'
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You are writing a cover letter, just as for a job. I had to do it too, when I did my MA part time while working. As I was working in PR at the time and hte MA was in Public Communication, I was able to show I knew a lot about the course content and to explain why it would benefit me and the organisation I worked for. Without being arrogant (I hope) I also explained what I would have to bring to the course, just like a job! It must have been Ok, as I was accepted!
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