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any advice on showing?

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we are going to show are new baby boy. he is a mitted flame point ragdoll. I am new to showing and am open to suggestions on what to bring. also i was wondering your opinion on if i should make my own cage curtains or buy them. the show is a while away so please please help.

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I just bought some material and didn't do anything to them. At the show there will probably be people selling curtains if its something you think you will be doing frequently (depending on how big the show is).
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Congrats and good luck. Here's a basic list of things to bring:

Cat bed

Litter pan (can use a large box top and cut down to size, or a small aluminum pan - something you can throw away at the end of the show)

Cat's combs, nail clippers, cotton balls, Q-tips - any other basic grooming supplies

Small amount of cornstarch powder (for accidents or just to take static out of the coat)

Cat's food (2 bowls - one for food; one for water)

Bottled water or home water in a bottle - that way the cat will be used to its own water flavor.

Pens, pencil and or book/magazine to read inbetween times.

Small cooler with people food, etc. - show hall food can get expensive sometimes.

As for curtains, if you've never shown I recommend matching towels and black clips to hang them - you'll need enough towels to cover bottom of cage, top of cage and 3 sides of the cage. You might want to throw in an extra towel or to - never know when you might need it (accident, food/water spill)

If you are showing a kitten, you can make do with the normal single cage. For larger cats, I recommend paying for the extra 1/2 cage so you have a "double" cage - more room for you, a friend, and the cat. The club will give dimensions of the cage sizes.
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I also have a bunch of old sweaters I use at shows. The cats like to lay on them and burrow into them. It also makes the bottom cushier.
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thank you for the advice. as for the curtains i have a pattern but im not sure if they will be worth it to make it rather than buying them what do you think.
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If you are gonna make the curtains add a few inches on width and length. The cages are NOT consistant from association to association or even club to club - they don't vary much but you don't want curtains to fit a certain size cage and not be able to be used with other cages. That's why I like using bath towels then to measure curtains.

Oh and make them to fit a double cage - not a single cage.
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thanks goldenkitty45 well has anyone made there own cage curtains if so i need some advice on what fabric and should i use a sheer curtain for privacy in the front
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I purchased a http://www.petcarrier.com/product.ph...cat=249&page=1 and it is wonderful! They do supply cages, if you do not have one thought.

As far as curtains, I purchased fleece and made a blanket cover. They are the "no sew fleece blankets" (it is when you take 2 pieces of fleece and cut all the way around and tie it to the other). Here is an example http://users.pld.com/rbriggs/blanket.htm They come in great patterns and colors. They are also machine washable. I also made matching blankets for inside the cage.
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All the advice here sounds great. As goldenkitty mentioned, be sure to have curtains fit a few inches larger than the average double cage, so it will fit from cage to cage.

I think making your curtains would definitely be less expensive (they can get pricey if you buy them ready made), not to mention kind of fun because you can choose your own fabric!
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