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Hi everyone!

Long time no post, I's gotten in the way. I do watch the site though, still.

Well, since my last post, we've added to the family! Bosco has a new little sister, Zoe:

Since my boyfriend and I both work full-time jobs, I thought Bosco must be lonely so wanted to find him a friend. We brought Zoe home just over a month ago now. From the first day, they seemed to get along great -- they play, chase, and wrestle with each other all the time, and Bosco likes to mother Zoe, too, by cleaning her every chance he can. At nap time, you can see them snuggled up alongside one another on a regular basis.

It was hard to bring another kitty into the home; Bosco was my BABY...and would run to the door to greet me no matter how long I'd been gone. He'd jump into my lap willingly to receive his luvs... Now, though, ever since lil Zo's been on the scene, Bosco has been snubbing me and runs from me every time I try to come near him. It breaks my heart. People have said he'll come around...but it's been a month. I try to play with him, and give him the attention, but he's so unwilling to receive it, it's hard.. then Zoe jumps up for the attention Bosco shuns...and then I think I'm hurting Bosco's feelings even more.

Any ideas, advice?

Loving mother to and