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Originally Posted by Amandaofcols
WAFFLE HOUSE WAFFLES!! They are the boooomb!!! Oh sorry! But they are very yummy, especially covered in butter and whatever kind of syrup they use!!
I had waffle house waffles for the first time in September.... yum... (they were actually what gave me the idea for this thread!)

Okay.... waffle party for Wellingtoncats!!!!
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Im not much of a waffle eater myself but my 4 yr old loves ANY type of waffle as long as it starts with a W and ends with an E
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I love my waffle iron. I like them crispy but fluffy and with liberal amounts of butter. Syrup *sometimes* and other times with chocolate chunks in them. But mostly I like them plain.

As for eggo's, give them to me crispy but not burnt and with butter and little syrup, but only on the last bite.

No, I'm not picky. Really.
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Favorite kind?

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My sweetie is the waffle fiend around here, and I make them for him every couple of weeks. It's a long time since we've had a plain crispy waffle, because he likes STUFF in 'em. I usually add some All Bran or Grape Nuts, some spice, and some apple slices, then serve them with lots of butter and maple syrup, and berries or diced mango on top. Pretty nice.
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They always look and smell yummy, but we just don't have a waffle iron and i've never seen cooked ones on sale before.
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