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Going under the brush

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I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for getting their cat used to brushing.

Toulouse always tries to play with the brush rather than let me use the thing. I'm torn as to whether he should be allowed to play with it or not. On one hand, it means he's going to have fun, on the other, the appearance of the brush should signify wonderful furstroking relax time.

The only way I can actually brush him is to hold him down and brush in between his pounces!
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get a Zoom Groom it massages and relaxes the cat at the same time.
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You have to be more business like in your approach/handling. No nonsense time. You are "playing" too much rather then getting the job done.

Personally, I hate brushes - combs are much better for both short and long hairs - I don't understand why people think cats should be brushed rather then be combed

What I would do is get a small table and have it as the grooming table. Then hold the cat still and start combing him from head to tail. Do not let kitty play. When he attempts to play or swat at the comb; tell him "NO" or "STAY STILL". If you show him that you are in charge, he will cooperate much more.

If you've ever noticed at a cat show, the persian/long hair owners have littel trouble in grooming as they have taught their kittens/cats how to behave when groomed. IMO its not that hard to teach.

I've walked into friends houses and groomed their cats with no problem - just show them that I won't tolerate play and they sit there and cooperate with me
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Thank you both... I'm looking at the zoom groom now... and I've always thought combs were easier to use too! I just don't have any around at the moment... (I wasn't the one to buy grooming tools this time around).
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