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I passed

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Yea!! I passed my road test!!!

I couldn't believe it, I almost hugged the cop.

Thanks you guys for the support. Now I have to go celebrate.:tounge2:
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:blubturq: :baloon: :rainbow:
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WOOOHOOOO! Good for you!!! Looks like a good day for parties today!! :pinky: :flash: :afrorainb :blubturq: :girly1:
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That is awesome!

CONGRATULATIONS , have fun celebrating!

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WOOOOHOOOOO I'm glad you made!!!

Could you do us New Englanders a favour though?? Just a teeny one?

Tell us where you drive mostly.... I mean cuz of the whole backing up issue and 3 point turns

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I happen to back up very well. It's easier to back into a parking space I found with my car than to pull into one(Long nose).

And as for the K turn I did it perfectly today. Although I would have figured they would want to see you do things such as parking in ONE space, staying on your side of the road(MA drivers are notorious for driving part way down the middle.... don't ask why) and obeying road signs(Apparently MA drivers can't see the signs therefore they go ignored).

Must be the rotaries. Only in Mass......
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Heh, Sandie and I have this saying..
We learned it from watching all the New England drivers..

Lines are just a guide, you really DON'T have to stay on one side or the other...

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LOL, Ken and I laugh about this all time, but it's not so funny when they come into your lane
I also want to know why it is that people in MA pass you doing 100mph on the shoulder!!
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Because the shoulder is just another lane isn't it?

RI driver are not much better. I went out to RI this past summer for a tattoo and on a 3 lane highway people were cutting across lanes like nothing. Not signaling when they were switching lanes, slowing down to 40 in a 60 zone.

Made me nervous enough not to want to drive on RI's highways again.:paranoid3

Although I once saw someone backing up on a rotary....... No one is safe from the evils of bad driving.
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I think Mass drivers are pretty good, they have to be to survive that mess of roads around Boston. 95 South does designate shoulders as a traffic lane during the rush hours. 95 is the only highway where I've ever been caught in a traffic jam at 3AM. Of the many accidents on 495 the oddest I've seen was a 1/2 ton towing a Cessna airplane. The 1/2 ton went into the median, the plane broke loose and went into the opposing lanes. 4 1/2 hours sitting in a traffic jam that afternoon.

BadHabit..enjoy your new freedom. Lemme know when you're ready to try the Big Rigs. :lol
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I just read about you passing your test in the other thread, CONGRATULATIONS!! I'll bet you are releived!
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