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Spare some good vibes for Kanoe?

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I'm taking her to the vet AGAIN tomorrow to see if they can help with her licking problem. The Feliway that they suggested last time seemed to calm the intensity of her licking but not the frequency. Now she has a patch on her right flank that covers pretty much her whole backend, a smaller patch on her left side, and now a small balding spot on her right foreleg.

On the biggest patch there are small, darker bumps under her fur (or what's left of it) which appear to either be scabs or wart-like things. I've changed her food, started Feliway, changed the laundry detergent, and racked my brains as to what else could be the problem to no avail.

Last time I took her to the vet, she said the next step would be drugs. I'm not entirely sure what kind of drugs this involves... but I'd rather she not have to be on drugs for the rest of her life and I'd rather not just treat the symptoms and not the cause.

So if you could send some good wishes our way to get this all straightened out, I'd be so appreciative.
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I'm sending good vibes your way! I also have a cat that does this when she is nervous.
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{{{{{{{{{{ good vibes }}}}}}}}}}

For Kanoe! I hope everything turns out okay, and that you don't have to resort to the drugs for her. But, you do what you've got to do to help her, right? Please tell us how everything goes.
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Your vet is certainly getting some mileage out of Kanoe. This is a fairly common issue and steroid cream like cortisone or prednisone usually work well - why not ask the vet about them - they are tolerated very well by most cats.
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im so sorry about your kitty. i'll be praying for her
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Thank you, all of you, for your thoughts and prayers.

I talked to the vet today (I stopped by the get a feliway refill and as it was run out I didn't want to wait) and she said we can also try another new food... feline z/d.

My s/o is going to go with me when Kanoe goes tomorrow, which is good because he knows more about different kinds of drugs and keeps a clear head at the vet's. I just get confused if it's something really complicated. *sigh*
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