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Lizzie cage!!

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She doesn't have fur and she doesn't bark,meow or squeek, but she does have beautiful brown eyes and a lovely shade of green skintone.
Lizzie is a rescued water dragon we have had for almost a year come March. We built her a brand new cage this weekend. I thought I would share!!

Everything had to be inspected and check for building codes.

Those construction workers worked round the clock!!

Lizzie condo is ready for its new homeowner!!

A nice look of the interior of the home!! Swimming pool and even upstairs and downstairs. If you look close you can see the new homeowner on her tree.

A closeup of Lizzie!!
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That looks like a very nice habitat for her
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That's an awesome cage! I SO prefer water dragons to iguanas, and she's really beautiful. She's going to be very happy there!
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ahhhh, home sweet home
pretty lizard
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That cage is amazing! Great job the water dragons will be very happy!
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What an amazing job they did on that cage! I bet Lizzie loves her new home!
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that's a real pretty dragon. Is she fully grown yet?
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Thank you, I will pass along your comments to the designer!!

Lizzie is about 3years old and fully grown. She was rescued by my DH who was helping a friend clean out a house that had been destroyed by renters. When they looked under the sink in the kitchen they found a female, another was found in a closet and I think Lizzie was found under the couch. Two females and one male. We took Lizzie and another lady took the other two. The second female died just a week later.
Lizzie was VERY sick and we thought we were going to loose her too. She received some kind of exotic lizard shot every four days for two weeks.

Took me a long time to warm up to Lizzie as I'm partial to fur on my animals. It was really hard when I was doing all my searching about what they ate. Which is bugs, she really loves crickets. Then I found out that she needed calcium badly for her bones and to prevent bone disease. That meant I had to include in her diet pinkies. Which was very hard for me because I could give her bugs with no problem but baby mice was another thing altogether. I did what I had to do though because I didn't want a sick water dragon.
She is now healthy and happy!!
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That is quite the habitat...I'm glad to hear that Lizzie is doing better
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