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Can anyone help?

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I'm a stay at home mum who also suffers from social anxiety, does anyone have any ideas about jobs working from home? I live in England by the way.
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Have you tried therapy or medication to help you with your problem? Many people suffer with anxiety disorders and I'm sure that someone out there can help you battle this so you don't remain confined to your home forever.
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I was looking into similar things, a while back - I have some links on my other 'puter, so I'll post them when I'm on there! (all being well I still have them!)

I can relate to your issues of anxiety - mine are slightly different though!

I hope others will be able to help you too - but I will try to find some links, if they aren't still on my other 'puter!
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I'm going to have some hypnotherapy because i'm getting married in august so need to get sorted before then but i want to work from home so i can be here for my son, it is the most practical solution.

Thankyou Sar for that and i look forward to receiving the links from you. XXX
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How about child minding or fostering?
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I haven't got the room for that, i have a 2 bedroomed house with 2 kids already and we are waiting for a bigger house because my kids are a boy and a girl so they shouldn't be sharing anyway. I think you need to be a very special person to do that kind of work and i don't think i'd be able to do it. I certainly wouldn't be able to foster because i'd get too attached. Great suggestion though and thankyou.
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Website designer? I hear they pay big bucks, and I did my own and my vet clinic's myself.
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Originally Posted by menagerie mama
Website designer? I hear they pay big bucks, and I did my own and my vet clinic's myself.
Did you get payed big bucks

i suffer from anxiety too adn was thinking about working from home.
One thing is to buy stocks and sell them on ebay such as clothing and stuff.
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I was going to suggest eBaying also.

Also if you do have graphics and a creative mind, there are web sites that you can sign up with and have companies bid to have you do outside work for them. Try like, Google "Freelance" There are also freelance writing too (i.e. you could easily do music album reviews, movie reviews, etc).
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I am trying to do the same thing, ut for different reasons and am having a real hard time wading through the scams and the real deal offer thingies, so I will definitely be watching this thread for further ideas... Sorry I couldn't help though!!
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When I was back home I did typing for a company - you can work from anywhere - they scan notes and email them to you and you get paid by the word, so the quicker you type the more you make and you don't have to deal with people - its all done by email.

I found the job in a local newspaper - perhaps something like that?
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You might want to check out this website:

There are some interesting ideas there, maybe one is right for you.
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Depending how bad it is ... I have high fuctioning autism and I do merchandising for many companies ... but I am fine as long as I am not dealing with more than three or four folks at a time..
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Thankyou so much everyone, there are some great ideas there. Keep 'em coming.
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Another idea might be transcription (for hospitals). I know a girl who does editing (from home) and another woman who types various documents for people (she advertises her service and charges an hourly rate). Are you afraid to leave your house or just don't like working outside the home? Would you consider pet/house sitting for others who are away on vacation?
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What skills or talents do you have to offer?
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I'm not scared of leaving the house and am comfortable with familiar people and situations but i get panicky in crowded and unfamiliar surroundings and i tend to throw up when i get nervous so going for a job outside of the home would be impossible as i wouldn't even be able to face the interview.

I'm a fast accurate typist, i'm good at working with my hands, i'm willing to learn and will do almost anything, i'm good at spotting errors so would be good at proofreading, i used to manage a pub so can do all sorts of paper work. Thats about it really
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I think there's a lot of money to be made running personal errands for people. Lots of folks who work 9 to 5 struggle to get their dry cleaning dropped off/picked up, get the car washed, shopping done, etc. Why not start a "personal services" business?
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