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Urinating in the front hall

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We have 3 cats who are all from the same litter, two males and one female. One of the males decided that urinating in the front hall was a good idea. We took him to the vet and he is physically fine. We have tried the following to stop the problem: a litter box per cat, changing the type of litter we use, two different sprays recommended by the vet, putting food and water on the spot and spraying perfume in the area (he hates perfume). The Halston was the only thing that worked briefly.

There seems to be no pattern -- he does it when we're home and when we're not. We also refer to the front hall as "the play room" as the three of them often bring toys down there and run around together. We think it started when we got a new door mat and have since removed it. If we scold him it doesn't seem to register because we've never caught him in the act.

Chance, the offending cat, will sometimes go into the front hall and yowl. If we go to see what he wants he runs up the stairs, if not, sometimes he will urinate. But not always.

We are at our wits end. He is otherwise wonderful (he's on my lap right now) and very affectionate.
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Have you noticed any cats hanging around outside? Sometimes when they feel a threat or are upset by something, they will pee to leave thier scent.
I would also make sure and use a very good odor neutralizer on the area. Some of them take the smell out so that we can't smell it, but they still can.
You can try putting his food and water on the spots he is using. They usually won't eat where they use the bathroom.
Try putting aluminum foil or plastic over the area for ahwile. They don't like to pee unless it's something absorbant.
Has there been any other changes in the house that may have triggered this? If you can think of somthing that may have effected him, you can work on resolving whats troubling him.
I would also check this site too. They have a ton of good information on behavioral issues.
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Thank you, the tinfoil/plastic is a new bit of advice. We'll certainly give it a shot.

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