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DT Thursday

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It's the start of my four-day weekend!!! Beautiful weather, the house is, already, clean: I'm gonna goof off, all day, today. Happy Thursday, everyone!
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Lucky you! I still need to work the next 2 days!

Yesterday my best friend called ~ with our schedules being sooo different and both of us being soooo busy, we haven't seen eachother since AUGUST! But we're going out to lunch on Friday! YAY! I'm so happy I get to see her again, and I'll probably end up taking WAY too much time for lunch, but I don't care! We have so much to catch up on. We've talked on the phone, but it's just not the same, you know?

Survivor and Friends and CSI are all on tonight! I'll be vegged out in front of the tv for a few hours!
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Today is my shopping day!!!!!!! AHHHHH I can't wait to spend some money! Happy Thursday All!
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Beautiful day, all birds and sun. Sparky was especially snuggly this morning, I feel so loved.

Daughter spent last night with dad and has a field trip to a farm today, so that's fun for her. And a good day for it too!

I have some things to do before she gets home so I'm off in a moment, but nice to have a quiet house to myself today. Even though I'm glad I get her this weekend! Days at a time by myself is lonely, but a few hours is nice.
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Sunny out today but we had our first thunder storm last night. Scared the bejebbers out of the kitties!

Boy do we have some interesting discussions going on today or what?!? I almost don't want to work so I can keep up with what's going on here!

Hope everone has a great day. Happy spring day to all!
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Hello everyone. I haven't posted in the DT for a while now it seems. I actually don't get to come here as often as I used to. I am busy w/ my daycare, and since the weather has been so nice I am outdoors more too. Which is a nice change after a long winter.

I just got back from the playground. I am a bit anxious, we have a registered 'sex offender' in our town, and he has been seen at the local playground at library. It makes me uneasy, even though I am always with my children. You just never know. So I am being extra cautious when we venture out nowadays. Its a bit too close to home for me.

Hope you all are enjoying this wonderful Thursday.......one more day till the weekend!!!!!!!!
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Beautiful day out today! The is shining! A nice breeze is flowing through the apartment, and my roast is in the slow cooker, filling the place with a delicious aroma of beef!(and onions, garlic...)The only thing I have to do today is laundry, and tonight because my boyfriend isn't gonna be home, I have the house to myself. Good day, all!
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Studying for a math test which I hope to take tonight. Getting into Geometry now......yikes! LOL

Let my horse out in the back pasture and opened him up to a full gallop. My how he lives up to his name of Racer. Mike is in the shop working on new designs for knives and it is just a really peaceful day. Hope you all have a good one........
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It's such a beautiful day out!! I opened the windows for the first time this season and the cats all swarmed to them. Now they're running around the house, beating up on each other. Must be spring fevor.:tounge2:

My day started out with my stomach in knots. As I was sitting in my grandfather's car(Mine dosen't have the e-brake in the middle console), waiting for my turn to take my road test I felt like I was going to puke. The cop was really cool though. It made me feel a lot better having a down to earth guy sitting next to me rather than one that just sits there without a word, just writing.

So now I have my licence, finally!!

I took Scooby, my dog for a walk in the woods. The ticks are out!! Scary. Lyme diease really worries me and now I;m going to have to find another place to take him.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the day all!!
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Be sure to check out what his offense was, if you can. I lived in a neighborhood with 3 registered sex offenders, but when I looked at their files and the dates of conviction, I could tell they were probably college boys who got involved with high school girls. Legally it's an offense (statutory rape) even if both parties consent. Also, the convictions were older, and I walked past their houses more than once (daughter was in a stroller at the time, so I was walking quite a bit anyway) and I am pretty sure they were just average guys who'd made a mistake by then.

But of course that isn't true in every case.
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Still tired today Last night I slept on the hardwood floors just incase Annie went into labor. No such luck, so got up very slowly..lol at 530am and went to work. I am took half a day today and I will do half a day tomorrow, I am really dragging! I think today might be the day, she's in her box Now if I can just get her to do it before I end up staying up all night again.
It's a beautiful day here too. I came home, got the house cleaned and now I get to relax the rest of the night
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Thanks for the tip Sunlion! That is exactly what hubby said......he seems to think that perhaps it was something very minor, like a college incident or something.

I am not terribly worried, although I do use more caution know that I am aware.

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I have to say that I generally like my job (I am a high school English teacher) and I do today, but I am so frazzled! I can't even pinpoint WHY. If you will bear with me I will elaborate (my daily dose of therapy???)

1. I was somewhat mentioned in a article in yesterday's local newspaper regarding an EEOC complaint filed by a former member of our staff. It is an age-discrimination case that is totally groundless (the "discriminated-against " teacher was frighteningly incompetent). She implied that I, as a younger woman, was less qualified than I to teach. That made me so mad!! It is true that I am fairly young, but I am a d*** good teacher!!!!! Not to mention that I have a degree, state certification, and 60 college credits beyond my bachelor's degree!!!

2. I had to teach my students how to do a Works Cited page for research papers. So tedious!!!

3. I had a stupid, pointless meeting on my planning period that just took up valuable time.

So now I will try to reverse my negative feelings and describe the positive things that should alleviate my annoyance. Here goes:

1. My husband came home from the field last night.

2. We are adopting a kitty buddy for Dmitri this weekend.

3. I am finally NOT BROKE!!

4. I am healthy and happy (generally speaking)

5. Spring is here and the azaleas are blooming.

6. I am alive and can enjoy poetry. Isn't this a day for e.e. cummings?!?!?!?

Thanks for reading my rant!!!
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I was going to suggest the same thing as Sunlion, but I guess I'm a little late!

I kind of have mixed feelings about the whole sex offender registration. Obviously for some offenses it is very good to let the community know what happened and that this person is there (ie stranger rape, pedophiles, etc.), especially for parents. But there are some offenses that are officially classified as sexual that don't make someone a threat to society for life. Could you imagine doing something stupid like mooning a crowd, getting caught and charged with indecent exposure and then having the sexual offender thing over you forever? I just think that they should revamp what is considered a sexual offence I guess.
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