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Deodoriser for cat litter?

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Can anyone tell me if there is deodoriser spray that can be used for litter boxes?

Another thing I've noticed is that Lily (had her for 3 weeks now) does not cover her poop properly or at all - why is this?
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In the past when I used clay litter there was a powder that you could sprinkle in the litter and mix it in which I bought at the pet store (kind of like the carpet deodorizer that you sprinkle, let sit and vacuum). Since using World's Best Cat Litter I don't need to use it anymore.
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Arm & Hammer makes a decent powder for this. Some odor remover sprays can be sprayed on the bottom of the pan before the litter goes in, and on the surface of the litter after it is scooped. Scoop daily, use a fine clumping litter, and you will be in good shape.
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If you use litter that contains chlorophyll or other dedorizers, you run the very real risk of your cat avoiding the litter pan because of the strong scent. Better to use something like www.city-pet.com to stop odors.
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we use the arm and hammer as well I think it works great.
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plain old baking soda works for me when it's getting close to box-changin time... and theres no scent, so it doesnt bother Ollie.. I also hang a bag of lava rocks near the box.... a hooded box will help contain and then eliminate some smell too
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Arm and hammer makes a good one, tidy cats makes a really good one, it's a little stronger so your kitty might not like it. My older cat, Chichi (16) has never covered up her poo She will cover up when she does #1, but not #2 ???? Whats silly is Murphy will come behind her and cover it up, as if to say geesh,some people!!! I don't know why she won't cover up #2, but maybe someone else will have a clue.
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I use the Arm & Hammer Litter Box Deodorizer in all the boxes here. A thin layer on the bottom, and a little bit every time I scoop. Doesn't bother any of the girls, and really helps keep smell down. The litter is just Tidy Cats Multiple Cats, which seems to work well for us.
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lily nay not civer her poop because either she is the only cat and so no need to hide her smell, one among many cats and WANTS to mark her space. either way. scoop several times a day.

I use World's best cat litter very deep so feces and urine dont hit the bottom of the litter panl i scoop three times a day and I change the litter completely once month. Her two litter pans are in a shower stall so I dont smell it at all. not everynoe has that luxury I know. but WBCL is expensive but GREAT... plus I flush it.
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I use cheap clay Tidy Cat litter, scoop 2 x`s a day (and once in awhile in between if somebody uses it and I smell it) I have 1 cats a year old and they both use the same litter box to poo and pee. I change the litter every 5 days and I don`t have much problem with smell.
Keeping the poops cleaned out often seems to be the best deoderizer for me.
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