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A beautiful moment...

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Sorry, this is a bit soppy but I SO had to share.

The other night I took the puppies out for a pee before bed time. Ruby didn't seem to need to go and sat next to me on the back step while Chester sniffed around in his usual `I'm going to make you wait out here as long as possible' routine.

I put my arm around Ruby and started giving her a cuddle. I had my right arm around her and my left hand scratching her chest. I also was resting my head against her shoulder.

I swear to God that dog hugged me back! She leaned into me and shuffled a bit closer. She draped one paw over my left hand and turned around so that her chin was resting on my back. It was honestly the closest position she could get to me and she initiated it all. When I lifted my head she looked me straight in the eye with those beautiful big brown eyes of hers, and gently touched her nose to my lips, for all the world like a soft little kiss.

I honestly almost cried. I have never felt anything so profound as what I felt during that hug with Ruby. We sat out there for ages, just enjoying our moment together, and it was truly beautiful.

Animals are just the most wonderful, wonderful creatures. I can't imagine my life without them.
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=D what a touching moment
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That's so sweet, Sarah!
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Awwww, how sweet!!
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Don't you wish you could capture moments like that?

That is a sweet story
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What a nice story, thanks Sarah.
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how wonderful!! What a moment
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And it makes you wonder how people can treat animals so cruelly!! All you have to do is look into their eyes and see such a beautiful soul!!
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What a special, magic moment for you.

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Thanks for sharing!
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