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Help with getting my kitty back

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I'm new here, but I thought I'd ask for help since I feel like I'm at the end of my rope. My ex and I were living together and we had gotten a cat. He paid for it and the vet bills, but I paid for the food, litter, litter pan, dishes, toys, etc. The cat is registered at the vet under my name and I have his tags and the paperwork for the rabies shots. I have moved out, but I didn't take the kitten with me because I was afraid my ex would call the cops on me, which then I would lose my job. I am out, safe and am living somewhere where they allow cats. Now the apartment that we had shared did not allow pets so we were hiding the kitten. My ex is still refusing to surrender the cat to me, my sister offered to buy the kitten off my ex, but he refused. I don't think that my ex is capable, mature or responsible enough to care for a kitten or a cat for the duration of the cat's lifetime. I have tried to avoid bringing the police into it to avoid a messy situation, but now I'm not certain what to do. My ex is talking about going away to college in a rural town where he wouldn't be making a whole lot of money if he was a full-time student, but he hasn't been accepted yet.

He threatened me with civil court if I took the cat. I had to call the women's shelter to see if I could stay there since it was an emotionally abusive relationship. I called the shelter again tonight to see what they recommended, and they told me to try to call the police to hopefully get the cat.

I ask, is this the best course of action? What can the police do in this situation?
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I'm glad you were able to get out.As a prior victim of abuse.....all forms of it, I know how scared you were and probably still are.
As for the cat/kitten, I would call the apartment that he is living in and turn him in for having the cat.If it is against the rules, then he'll get a notice and maybe even an eviction if he doesn't place the cat some where else.I'd stay clear of the Police for right now.If he threatens to kill or bodily harm the cat, then I would call.Abusive people will and often do snap with LITTLE or NO reason!!!!
Good luck and I hope you're reunited with your baby SOON!!
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I hope you get your kitty back.
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The police won't help, I talked to everyone that I could. If I call the landlord, he may hide the kitty somewhere that I'd never find him again, and time is running short since the lease is up March 31st. Right now it looks like I either have to give up or get a lawyer who can help me.
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I don't see how you could get the kitty, unless the landlord lets you in to take it. If he is abusive, the more you show you care about the kitty, the more he knows he can hurt you with it. Unless there is someone who is willing to get involved, I don't see how you will get it back.

Do you have any mutual friends who could talk some sense into him. Maybe he would give the kitty up to someone else, so even if you don't get it back it would be safe.
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this man is still emotionally controlling you with using your kitty to get at you.does he let the cat out?if so could you get some one to take and hide kitty ?and have you got somewhere you can hide out kitty if you get kitty. back?i suspect he would come looking for kitty.

but eventually he would give up because he would have lost the thing he is using to control you.
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What about animal control or an animal charity?
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