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Can anyone tell my why my cat 'chatters' when he's watching birds through the window?

I know most cats do this, but don't know why - Makes me laugh every time though, it sounds so funny :laughing:
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I know, my Loki's sound is ackackackack. It's just too funny to watch him and huncker down real low (hehehe). I don't know either why but I guess that is they way they identify the prey. Pointers point and cat ack??
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I read in this book I have called, Pet speak(a very good book might I add) and it says that teeth chattering is figured to be because of the excitment of watching the birds.

Not sure if this is why but it's cute to watch.
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My kitties don't do the chattering!

Last night, however, Ophelia found a little gnat and started squeaking at it. It was too cute!
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I love it when they chatter. I only have about 5 who do this though. Most of the time when they are after something like a bug or feather toy. One of my youngest has found it appropriate to chatter at me when he's mad that I am taking him away from something..lol
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I can always tell if there's a flying insect in the room because Dani will hunker down, begin an intense stare and chatter. Some say that the sound tends to calm the prey thereby making it easier to catch. All I know is that Dani's great for flys and mosquitoes

mom to Dani Night Stalker
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