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I adopted Molly a month ago and boy shes had a rough time Healthwise! We are finally getting her squared away to where things can be normal about here! Anyways, tonight i picked her up and put her down and i felt something kinda wet on my finger. It was a little bity white worm. It started moving on my finger by stretching out real thin and then would bunch up...kinda like a slug would i guess. So i start freaking out and start checking her bottom and i see nothing, i check her stool and see nothing...i put the worm in a plastic baggy and within an hour its just shrunk up so small you can hardly see it.

I'm taking Molly to the vet first thing in the morning though, just grossed me out and upsets me that shes still not well. The only "signs" that i can think of is that shes been real "gassy"....i'd say within the past week. While i'm there i guess i'll get yasmine treated too.

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She has tapeworms, be sure the vet flea-treats her as well.
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Do I need to take a stool sample wtih me to the vet? And since shes been around yamine, do i need to get her flea-treated as well?
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Where I live...fleas carry tape worm. If a cat bits a flea they usually get tape worm.
If your kitties have fleas they need to be treated for them.
If you can...take in a stool sample.
Keep us posted.
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Chances are both cats have fleas and tapes. But fecals are always a good idea.
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can tapeworms also have a yellow color? i found a yellow worm yesterday on my cat's behind.
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Depending on what stage of development they are in they can be, but also flea larvae can be yellow or brown. Run a fecal into your vet and they will tell you-
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