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Kitty Congestion

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Hello everyone, i was wanted some advice. My kitty has some congestion. It seems to get bad in the morning and at night...i mean to the point where i can hear it and his lungs sound congested. He has had a cold already before, and was treated for it...but the congestion seems to be back. Otherwise, he seems fine. He also has had treatment for worms as well....(that was scary)
and he runs and plays and gets into everything as usual. Can kittens get sick from the house not being 70 degrees? We live up north and it is pretty cold in our apt, (68) and we will be moving soon so i can keep it a little warmer...and does anyone have any home remedies in how to get rid of this? Thanks!
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I'm interested in replies also as I'm having the same problem. My cats got over a bad upper respiratory infection a few months ago and both have recently become congested. I figured I would take them in for antibiotics if they started having any discharge, lethargy, or loss of appetite. For now, they're acting just fine, but I'm not sure what has caused their congestion or what would take care of it. (maybe a humidifier? Would those humidify the whole apartment or just one room?)
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Sometimes, it takes more than one course of antibiotics to get rid of a URI - my Teddy has had two rounds of different drugs, and will probably need a third before all is said and done.

It can also be allergies; antihistamines helped Teddy out as well.

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Do either of you smoke? One of my cats is allergic to smoke.
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I have the same problem with my 11 month abyssinian. He has to take allergy meds for his problem all the time. This has been an on going problem since we got him. We live in a rural area with a hay mill that the EPA is monitoring because of the crap in the air... We narrowed it down to allergies a few months ago, and with our situation here it is affecting both humans and cats!!!!!
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