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Does this sound like cancer to you?

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My 6 mo. old kitten (female) had a lump on her back/neck a month or so ago, that turned out to be a reaction to a shot. It went away within a week or two.

Now she's got another lump, this time on the side of her belly, right under her ribs. It is a hard, round lump about the size of a large grape. It can't be moved around. She doesn't seem to be in pain, and doesn't have much of a reaction when we touch it, other than being slightly annoyed like she would be with any part being checked out. She doesn't like it when I pick on any spot on her. So not much of a difference. Some times she's complain a little bit when we hold her, which is new as of about a week ago. But we didn't discover this lump until 2 days ago. It seems to have grown very fast, cause I don't understand how we could have missed it. It's quite noticabe. You can see it (with fur on top, of course) when she's standing; it sticks out.

I'm wondering if this would be cancer, or something benign. What can a vet possibly do if it's cancer? There's nothing to do but to put her down, right? Then we'd keep her until she seems to be in pain or just sick before putting her down. If it's not cancer, then it wouldn't be a problem to let it be, right? It might just disappear on it's own?

Do you have any idea of what can cause lumps on a cat? What does a malignant tumor feel like, on a cat?
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I absolutely advise you to get your kitten in to be examined by her Vet as soon as possible. If caught early, your treatment options are much greater.
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Not sure, but I'd say-

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I'm thinking hernia....please let us know what the vet says, asap!
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It is critical that you get your kitty to a vet right away.
This is not the time for guess work.
We could guess all day & still not know what the lump is.
With an accurate will be able to look at what treatment options are available.
It could be something relatively simple to need to know.
Your kitty is depending on you.
Please let us know what you find out.
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Take her to the vet. It could be anything. If it is cancer, it may be operable, and/or treatable with chemo and/or radiation. But regardless there isn't a whole lot to be gained by our guessing. Schedule an appoinment at the vet's earliest availability.

In a kitten cancer is not a likely possibility but stranger things have happened. A vet can tell you what is going on.
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Go to your vet, never assume the worst! I've just had a kitty where my vet was sure that what she saw on x-ray meant one of two not good options...on sono, up came an unexpected 3rd possiblity that is NOT a problem You just never know.
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VET asap.... I had a scottish fold get a lump on her hind leg that started out as a pea, and turned into the size of a lime. We were constantly taking her to the vet, and she wound up dying of cancer.
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My kitty just had surgery for a small lump that might have been cancer.
The lump was removed and sent to a pathologist.
The good news is that the tumor was benign...not cancer.
You need to know what is going on & the only way to find out is to take your kitty to your vet right away.
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I took her to the vet, and he found a little scab on the lump. He said it feels like it's filled with pus, and he thinks she's been bitten or scratched, and that she developed an absess. So he put her on an antibiotic. Hopefully this will help.

I'm so glad that it's not cancer, which is probably unusual in kittens anyway, but that would have been too sad. My kids have been so worried about her, we're all glad she's probably gonna be just fine.

She and our other kitten play fight alot, and they do bite eachother, but they don't use their claws on eachother purposly. I still can see how it could have happened as they play with the same toys, up and down the scratching post full speed, all wild. Both of them have their claws intact, and they're long and sharp.

Hopefully I'll get the medicine in her. She can be difficult that way.

I'm glad I got her in to the vet, and that she'll be alright. Also I'm glad we're not gonna go broke over this, it was only $18 for the check and the meds. Good price, or what???? LOL
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The health of our kitties is priceless.
Thanks for the good new update.
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Originally Posted by xocats
The health of our kitties is priceless.
Thanks for the good new update.
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