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Spraying Problem

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I was searching the site and didn't really find an answer that satisfied my problem so I thought I'd post here.

My male cat, seven years old, has had a spraying problem in the past. He was neutered when he was a year old or so. He hadn't done it for a while but recently has gone on a spraying spree, and we wake up in the mornings to find something new sprayed: a bag, a sheet, a blanket, a coat that fell from the hook. He lives with his brother of the same litter but they've never really fought for territory problems and the brother has never been caught having sprayed anything since we've had them.

It's beginning to become costly, annoying, and smelly. Why has he begun to do this again? Is there anything we can do to stop him from spraying? Should I take him to the vet?
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You should take him to the vet because it could be a bladder infection or he might have crystals. Please keep us updated on what the vet says.
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I would have a complete urinalysis and blood panel done on him, to rule out any internal sickness. Let us know how it goes!
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