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a question about worms

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Hi this is my first time at this site...shame on me.....first of all i have 5 male STRCTLY indoor cats...they r my babies....
the one question i have is ...my Budda threw up today and there was a worm in it!!!!! they are (like i said) strictly indoor cats and they get Max Cat adult formula dry cat food and friskies special diet wet food (1 can between the 5 of them) (my Pooh had to have surgery to remove his penis because of crystals,that is why the special diet for all of them)....my question is Where did the worm come from???? are they dormant in their system and then just come alive.....how could he have gotten it otherwise....he will be seen by the vet this week but was just wondering now???

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Kittens can be born with worms (often are). You will need to get a fresh fecal sample for your vet to check what type of worm you are dealing with so they can treat accordingly. Tapeworms are from the cat ingesting fleas so make sure your kitty doesn't also have fleas.

Also, if you have 5 cats, you will probably have to treat them all, but check with your vet on that.

It's good that you are going to the vet to check this out. Let us know how you make out.
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Hi Teresa, welcome to TCS.

You can also accidently bring in flea eggs on your shoes from outside, so most people continue to treat for fleas and worms for their inside-only cats. Usually the frequency of treatment is not as much as indoor-outdoor or outdoor cats. The worm that is usually vomited is roundworm so make sure the treatment covers all worms. Worms spread very, very easily, so, as Yosemite said, you'll need to treat all your cats.
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