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Black light?

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One of my kitties is having a problem with peeing outside the litterbox. This has just happened within the past couple of days... never had a problem with him before. I am taking him to the vet tomorrow to get checked for a UTI.

I have also read in these forums that a black light is useful for finding where the urine is hiding out in carpeting, etc. Where do I get a black light that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? What is a good one to use?

Thanks a lot! I'm committed to solving this problem and will do whatever I can to help my little boy.
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I had trouble finding a black light to use in similar circumstances. In fact I found one at an electronics shop - lots of places didn't know what I was talking about. If you say you want a portable battery operated UV light of the kind used to check the validity of bank notes they will understand what you need. My one has a small UV tube that burns purple and you have to use it in the dark or it doesn't show.
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Hi and welcome to TCS!

I'm sorry your cat is having problems right now. I hope teh vet can clear this up for you.

I purchased this light:

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Hi and thank you both for your suggestions! I will go to an electronics store tomorrow to see what I can find, and if that fails, I'll order the one AbbysMom has.

I am more worried now because my kitty (the one that is peeing outside the box) was sneezing this afternoon, and when I bent down to wipe his face I saw some blood spatter. I looked at his nose and nothing was dripping out, but that's not normal!!! My poor Tigger! I'm going to the vet as soon as they can get me in!
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I've had my blacklight for ages. Used it when I had a "teenager room", because it made all my hot guy posters look cool. lol.

But you can get them at wierd places, like around here we have spencer's gifts. They have them. Any places that sell wierd light signs or something, will have blacklights. At spencers they are only like 12 bucks.
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I actually have a question about using the black light. we purchased one similar to the one in the link from PetsMart and couldn't get it to work!
The only thing that showed up were areas where our rabbit had sprayed a wall (at it was very faint). I shined it right on a pair of shorts I knew our cat had pee'd on (because I could smell it!) and nothing showed up.
Did we get ripped off or am I not looking for the glow right or something? Can the color of the item that's been pee'd on effect if it glows or not?
Thanks for your help and sorry for hijacking the thread!

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That's really strange. I have brought mine down to the litterbox area before it definitely glowed.
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I know, I'm wondering if we got ripped off. We were trying to see what areas of our couch needed to be "nature's miricalized" still, and I could smell the urine, but nothing was glowing, same for the pair of shorts. And all the lights were off and such. Of course now that you mention it, I didn't try the litterbox! Duh!
I'll have to look for it again and try it again. If it doesn't work in there I guess it's defective? The purple light definitely shines, is there another bulb in there that may not be working?

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I'd like to know how people get those little tag lines under their names such as AbbysMoms has. they are so adorable.
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you have two types of lights- incandescent and flourescent- you want flourescent otherwise, you might as well use a regular light bulb for effectiveness.

If you go to this link and scroll down you will find

The BlackLight Shop
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