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Traveling advice, please......

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I had a question, Has anyone here traveled far witht hier cat/cats? We are planning a trip across country and I am not about to leave my cats here. I was wondering what your advice is about taking them in a car. I have harnesses to take with us, so I can take them out of the car to strech their legs and all. I also have a small cat box that I am putting on the floor from them to potty. Any advice right now would be great as we plan on this adventure. Thanks everyone!!
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Last May my sis drove in her Ranger truck from central VA to NE Wisconsin along with her 16 yr old cat Ashley. She had a blanket on the floor of the passenger seat and a small litter box behind the passenger seat and a food and water dish.
They spent 1 night in a hotel before coming here for 10 days. He was a bit more crowded going back to VA but she had no problems. I advised her next time to carry a cardboard cat carrier just in case she needed it.
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Hi Jenny!

We just moved almost 2000 miles in October from PA to CO, with our 39 cats. If we could do it, it should be a breeze for you!

There are loads of hotels across the USA that are pet friendly, so staying overnight shouldn't be a problem. Feel free to PM me with any questions you might have.

Best of luck!
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Thank you so much for your help. I am a little nervous about the drive there. We are moving from Cali to Georgia. So, 2,407 miles there with two kids and our two cats that never been out of house besides going to the vet. I was just wondering about all that we need to bring with us that will make the trip easiest as possible. Thanks again for your advice and help, and thanks Mom of 10 cats for saying that I could Pm you with any questions.
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We drove from FL to CO with our boy, Seamus. He was great. We had a litter box set up in the back, which he used when we'd stop for gas or whatnot. We stayed in some very pet friendly hotels. He was a trooper. He never ate or drank while in the car though. Just when we stopped overnight. Erin
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Thats good to know, I hope our trip goes smoothly with two cats in our car. I think my daughters kitty Leia will do fine, but I'm not sure of my Cali. She's a bit of a timid one. But we have harnesses and a potty box and we will be stopping at relatives and motels on the way. So I don't think it will be that bad. Thanks for your support.
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I moved from NY to NC. It was a 12 hour drive and we did it in one day. 7 was in his carrier with the door open in the front seat. He was great company since I was driving alone. He stayed in there until about the last hour. Then he helped me drive. LOL A cat in the lap pulling a trailor. I took away his food the night before and he had only water. He didn't use his litter box (on front floor) and didn't eat/drink until we were at the new house.
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Look at it this way. At least you don't have to worry about them suffocating in some cargo hold of an airplane. LOL I tell myself that as I listen to the howling ....
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I have taken cats across country..one word ACEPROMETHAZINE. Kitty cat valium. Only needed it the first day of travel. Wish I had it for Gracie. George did well without it.

Ace is available from your vet.
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