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I never realised how protective I am over my baby Bijou(half breed persian and burmese) until another stray cat strolled in this evening.I screamed out aloud and chased the stray, male cat, i suspect away.

I live on a second floor apartment and I leave my balcony doors doors open because it's not within reach from anywhere else outside. This allows my kitten to lookout but also prevents her from straying outside. It's not within reach from anywhere outside, or at least, I thought so until a stray strolled in whilst I was on the comp.

I'm concerned if the stray will return and harm my Bijou. I found a wound on her last week, which I thought she self inflicted, or may have got it from when I left her at the pet motel.Now, I wonder if it was the stray who did it to her.

I cut Bijou's nails every week and I've trained her to be quite docile, the most she would do, is pretend bite, well, sometimes, she DOEs bite, but only nip at most. I wonder if she can stand up on her own is she does get into a fight. She's completely domesticated and not very street wise.

What shall I do? The stray was thin and mangy looking too.

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Is there any way you can screen in your balcony, so that Bijou can't fall, and a strange cat can't get in? Something like fishing net would work. Being on the second floor generally won't keep other cats away. We had cats climb up ivy and grapevines, and come in through the balcony doors, and the only thing that worked was "cat net".
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I also suggest screening in the area for your Bijou. My Bijou says hello.
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If it were me I would take the cat in to the vet. If the poor thing is sickly and mangy looking, I wouldn't have the heart to just shoo him away. He may be a great little cat who someone dumped on his own. You could always take him into the vet to get looked at or neutered. Then either let him back outside or keep him!
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I think this really belongs more in the Strays & Ferals forum.
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Stranger's been back and defecating in my apt..

Arghhh. I feel so violated. The cat clearly remembers me when I chased it away squirting water from my watering bottle. And he pops in whenever he wants to. Worse still, I think his leaving his mark defecating in my flat.

I already have a cat net on my balcony but it's impossible to to cover it completely. If I do that, bijou will be stuck inside with no access to the balcony. And I feel bad enough just keeping her indoors.

Has anyone had this problem before? And do intruders get bored and leave me after a while, or am too hopeful?

I'm pretty certain he bit my bijou now.

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Can you trap him and get him to a shelter?
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I agree - I think trapping him is the best option right now. Is that possible?
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