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Sending healing vibes and prayers for Oscar's full recovery.
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Sending more vibes sweet little Oscar.
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How is Oscar doing today?????
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I've just come for an update as well.

Hang in there Oscar sweetie pie
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It always touches me so much to see how many people out there are caring and hoping for Oscar. Thank you so much, it means so much to me!

Oscar is doing really well! *knock on wood* He's running around with my other cats a lot of the time (I pick up their food out of his reach) and he happily shares their water. He walks now... but is still very unsteady.. rather like he's very drunk actually! He tries to pounce now too. He pounced on my 11week old semi feral calico girl Lily (another long rescue story on its own!) and she hissed and ran off, and he fell over with a baffled look on his face LOL. He loves to play with noisy toys... he has a favourite which is a round furry ball with a rattle in it and a long tail and he spends ages pouncing and chasing it. He falls over and staggers frequently, but each time he picks himself up, shakes himself off and keeps going. He gets up and down my back steps now too.. sometimes it will take him 6 goes jumping up, but he never gives up.

So far no signs of the problems that have been worrying him lately, since Saturday night (fingers crossed) and he is not needing syringe feeding now. He's eating on his own but as he's not eating that much I have bought him a roast chicken lol and he has some of that as well and loves it!

Currently he's sitting under my office chair chewing on my toes... and I tell you he has sharp lil teeth!! Sheesh. I've had to type with my feet in the air at times.

I must say that Oscar has been the kitten that has needed the most intensive care so far... and I am so glad that I have been blessed to meet and live with this amazing little soul. He has taught me so much.
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Naya...you are a kitty angel! I'm so glad little Oscar is going better and keeping my fingers crossed that he keeps up.
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All I can say is keep on fighting little Oscar. Sending lots of purrs & healing vibes his way.
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Amazing dedication Naya!!!! Keep up the good work Oscar!!!
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come on oscar you can make it little man ,you have a wonderful life to look forward to{{{{good health vibes for oscar}}}}

keep your chin up naya,your dedication to oscar is admirable ,you and everybody else who saves the life of an animal will be rewarded in heaven.
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Oh thats what i call a fantastic update!!

Keep up the good work chick, your doing really well, and you little toe chewer!
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What an amazing little fighter! His stubborness, and your loving care, are what will get him through this!

Way to go Oscar!
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Thank you for the update, Naya! I had been thinking of Oscar a lot lately!!

It certainly sounds like he's one determined kitty and such a card at that!

Sending continued improvement }}}VIBES{{{

Come on, Oscar!! You can do it!
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So glad Oscar is doing well. Hang in there little buddy, keep fighting. Oscar is lucky to have you to take such great care of him!
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I think I'm addicted to this story. I realized today I haven't seen an update on Oscar in a week & I'm wondering how he's doing?
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Just looking for an update
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I'm updating for Naya today, as her computer has died.

Oscar is doing very well. He is eating and drinking on his own, scrabbling up onto the sofa and chairs and LOVES to sit on Naya's shoulder like a parrot. He is a real purrbaby and follows Naya everywhere, including the bathroom! He's even trying to use the litter tray.

He has definitely sustained some brain damage (I keep saying he lost a few IQ points in the attack) and is still wobbly and falls over a lot but he is a real fighter and Naya is going to keep him as a special needs kitty.

He, Naya and 3 other kittens Naya is fostering came for a visit last night. Oscar made himself very comfortable, had some kitten food, lots of lovings with Naya and went to sleep on the back of the sofa. I bottle-fed the other 3 kittens (4 days old) and Oscar decided he liked the formula and wanted some too! He's still a bit skinny so of course I let him have some.

New pictures here: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...32#post1051232
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OMG!!!! I don't know how I missed this! Oh poor Oscar, with what he has been through! I am so glad that he is doing so well though. Bless you Naya and Tania, you have done such a wonderful job! I have got such a huge lump in my through after reading this thread!
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Just found this site tonite. It looks like Oscar has found his angel in Naya! Keep up the good work, both of you!
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Oscar is a precious little angel. Naya is doing a wonderful job with him.
Thanks for the update.
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It's great that he's shown such improvement! I think he is on par to lead a happy, quality life!
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Oh I'm so pleased to hear that Oscar is doing so well and that he'll be staying with Naya! I certainly don't think he could find such a wonderful and dedicated Meowmy!!

Keep up the good work, all of you!
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He is such a tough little fella!!
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I can't believe what an adorable face he has. Keep up the good work Naya!! He knows he's loved & I believe when they know they are loved they fight so much harder. He's looking good.
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Naya -

This has been such a wonderful story about this brave little kitten. If he has "lost IQ points", I hope it is only wiping from his memory the trauma of being injured. Certainly he now has lots of memories o fthe love that has been filling his life (and all the long-distance love that has been sent his way has to have an effect, too.)
Sending him more love & caring
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I'm so happy to hear that sweet little Oscar is doing so well! Naya, your dedication and love have done wonders for this precious boy. How wonderful that he will be staying with you!
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Poor precious baby! I'm sorry he seems to have long term damage from the attack. Those pics bring tears to my eyes! I'm so glad he is in good hands now, and has found his forever home!
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Time for another Oscar update. Over the past few days, Oscar has been 'not himself'. Just kind-of a bit down, not as lively etc. Still eating and drinking, purring like a mack truck but not 100%. Naya had noticed over the past couple of days that he looked slightly bloated. He is still very small for his age and quite thin but with a round belly. He's been dewormed twice, so Naya was sure it wasn't worms.

Naya took him to the vet and the vet thought it might be FIP. He got some fluids from Oscar's abdomen and has sent them off for testing. Oscar is uncomfortable with a very bloated abdomen and had trouble breathing last night. Naya called the vet at 11pm and Oscar seems to be breathing a bit easier today. His symptoms are all fitting with FIP and, unfortunately, it seems it may be a matter of when, not if, Oscar crosses the Rainbow Bridge.
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Here's some information on FIP for those not familiar with it:


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Oh Oscar, you poor darling. You've had such a tough little life. My thoughts and prayers are with you, and I know you are and will be getting all the love that you deserve till the very end.
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